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Hello everyone
I have a question, I am thinking of getting new receiver or separates, my choices are NAD 773, Arcam avr300, Rotel RSX 1067, or maybe spend little bit more and get NAD T167/T973 or Rotel RSP 1068/RMB 1075/RB 1070. I do not use any dsp modes when listening to the music, I like pure clean stereo sound, but I do want 7.1 system for my movies. I can not audition any Rotel equipment in my area, since dealers are custom installation stores and do not have anything on hand. Is it worth spending more for separates, is there big difference between receivers and separates or maybe there is something else that I do not know off, that makes separates better then receivers not just sound quality.
Thank you for your help.

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This is a question that has been asked many times again and again. The answer to the question is WHAT YOU WANT.

The problem with receivers is squeesing a pre-amp, a power supply,amplifier(s), IC boards, cooling systems, wiring...etc etc into a single chassis. Although you get an easier to use(generally) all in one system.

The problem with Seperates is they are more
expensive, and take up more space. However, sound quality is superior and generally will outlast a receiver, and are more "upgradable".

Both can sound amazing and are relitively easy to use, you basicly have to decide what you want.

If space is an issue, go for the receiver, if sound and or quality is the main goal, go sperates.

The final decision about ANYTHING you bring into your audio/video system should ultimately hinge on you-your ear, your budget and your system and space constaints.


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Thank you G.DawG
What I want is good sound and something that can last me for longer time (easier to upgrade), so I will go with separates, question is which one, NAD and Rotel I can get for under $3500 or maybe there is something else for that kind of money, perhaps better?

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Try the Parasound preamp with amp. I think you can find a good deal with it, and I one time audited it, and I was amazed by the sound quality (

In addition, I think that separate is the way to go just if you have a very good and high quality speakers. If not, go with NAD, ARCAM or Rotel receivers.

Good luck, Daniel

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Klipsch KLF-30, are they considered good quality speakers?
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