Is this too much receiver for my speakers?


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I own JBL LX-44 speakers (rated to 150w), plus the usual aray of mid-priced surround speakers.
I'm looking to buy a receiver for HT use (30%) & music only use (70%)-(by the way I like listening to Classical & to rock music & my room size is 14x30). I would also like to listen to seperate source in another room, which can be controled in the other room.

I've read great review re: Rotel 1056 and then getting a power amp to power my front speakers.

My question is are my current speakers worthy enough for the Rotel. Or maybe I should save money & get lower price receiver. Please help in selecting a proper receiver (combo). I am not an audiophile so I doubt my ears can discern any slight differences in music quality. But if I'm going to spend up to $1,500 I would want to be sure I'ts worth it.

Thank You.

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For the money, you can't go wrong with Rotel. Yes, the Rotel is a little high end for the JBL's. But when they die, you could always move up the food chain in your next speaker selection. The Rotels should complement your JBL's by taming any high end harshness.

If you spent the money on all new gear, for $1500, you would be limited to satellite speakers and a moderate priced reciever. Check out Axiom (my favorite), Athena, Aperion, or Ascend for reasoanbly priced speakers. Usually, the best deals on recievers are found on Harman Kardon Recievers (very good for music and nice match for your JBL's as well), which you can usually find discounted online up to 30% off retail from authorized dealers. See if any of those combinations matches up with your budget.

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I love Rotel but do not think they would be the best match with JBL. Even though Rotel is a better product overall I think H/K is a better match as is Elite and Marantz. If you are going to keep the JBL's for awhile look at the others. If you are open to changing speakers in the near future then Rotel is a great way to go.

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hey realetitefan congrats man your Anniversary on these forums just passed and the number of posts just keep on shooting up keep up the good work pal
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