Elite vs. Marantz for 7.1 & audio w/ Klipsch reference 3


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I am new to this forum although I have read quite a few threads to gather info.

I have recently purchased some Klipsch speakers from ebay.

The following 5 speakers were used and together as a package:
2 @ RF-3's (front towers)
2 @ RS-3's (sides)
1 @ RC-3 (center)

The following are new:
2 @ R5800 w/k's (wall mounts to be mounted facing down within a bay window at about 7' high. These have directional tweeters.)

I will probably consider a sub-woofer later. I know I can add one if I want.

I am putting these speakers in a relatively small media room that I am still renovating.
The room is about 13' wide x 14.5' long with 8' ceilings. It has a 6' opening on one side to a dining room and a 5' opening on the other to a foyer. These openings are towards the front of the room with both openings starting at about 2 -- 2.5 feet from the front wall. The back of the room has a bay window. The room is actually 13' x 13', but the bay window gives it close to another 1.5' in length.
The floor will be wood.

The room will be used primarily for movies, but also for occasional high end listening of music as the receiver I choose and speakers I have for this room are better than anywhere else in my house.
This room will probably be used 70% for movies and 30% for music.
I have a cheap 100 watt receiver hooked up to a speaker selector and 4 sets of other (cheaper) speakers scattered around my house. Not so great for sound quality, but works for me having music in many areas. Maybe I will upgrade these speakers and receiver for sound quality as money permits later on.

I went with two speakers for the rear instead of one because I am looking at putting a DLP projector center mounted in the bay window (back wall). (Yes, there will be blinds to effectively block light). The image will be projected centered on the front wall. (For now, I will put my old rear projection 50' on that wall. Lots of money being spent....)

I am concerned with having purchased speakers for a 7.1 system. I realize that DVD's, HD, cable, etc. are currently only geared for 5.1. So, I (at least currently) have too many speakers for this room.
Is 7.1 too much for this size room?
Can all of these speakers be utilized in some fashion with 5.1?
How does that work? (With a 7.1 receiver?)

My rears will only be about 2 feet behind me. However, the tweeters are directional and can be directed away from seating.
The RS-3's will be on the sides and will be about 4 -- 5 feet in front of me.
This setup is not ideal for 7.1 based on some of the setup/layout diagrams I have seen.
Can this be made to work and sound good?

I know and have further read that the Klipsch speakers are bright.
Most posters have indicated that the Denon is bright and doesn't go too well with Klipsch.
I like "detailed", but not "harsh".
"Warm" and "smooth" are good adjectives, but not "muddy"
I wish I could set up my speakers and test all a bunch of contending receivers for myself, but that doesn't appear to be an option.

I am considering the Marantz SR7400 or the Elite 54-Tx, 55-Txi, or 56-Txi.

First, which Elite would be best for my application?

For comparison:
· The 54 & 56 are rated at 110 watts vs. 100 watts for the 55, but I doubt that would be a big factor.
· The 55 & 56 both have I-link and USB connections. The 54 does not. But, I don't know if I need that (???).
· The 54 & 56 both have component video conversion. The 55 does not. I am not sure what that is, but a few people have indicated it to be a good thing (???)
· The 54 & 56 both have 100MHz component video frequency response compared to 40MHz for the 55. Don't know the relevance (???).
· The 54 & 56 both have IR in/out. The 55 does not. I don't know what that is (????).
· The 55 & 56 both have "High" grade banana clips.
· The 55 & 56 both have double layer chasis. The 54 has single.
· The 56 has TOAC insulators. Whatever they are?

Obviously, the 56 has "most" of the bells and whistles, but do I need them?
Is the 56 worth the price? Or would I do just as good for my needs with a 54 or 55?

There are trade offs between the 54 and the 55.
The 55 apparently is last years higher end model replaced by the 56 and is retailing for about $800.00 on ebay.
The 54 is this years model and is retailing for about $675.00 on ebay.
Which is a better buy for my needs between the 54 and the 55 and why?

How does the Marantz SR7400 compare to the above?
Is there a justification for the SR7500? SR8400?
What are the advantages? Justifications?

I would mainly be looking at hooking up a CD player, a DVD player and a cable box with HDTV. My current cable box is component. I don't know what the future holds.

I am concerned about future usage of DVI-D and I-Link.
Most of the receivers do not have either, unless you spend $5000 - $6000 for a Denon 5805. Yet, many TV's, projectors, DVD players and SACD players have them.
Although, another thread has me confused by talking about his usage of a Denon 3805 with "DVD-D and HDMI". See: https://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-audio/110088.html about 40% down.
Then see: http://www.usa.denon.com/catalog/photo.asp?s=home&p=AVR-3805&f=AVR3805%20Back.jp g&c=2
I couldn't find HDMI (????).

Anyway, how much better are these types of connections?
How concerned should I be?
What is the future of these two types of connectors?

I could consider spending up to $1000.00 if "Really" justified. But, I really need to keep my spending down. I would really much rather spend $600 - $700 if I can get what I need done for that price.

Sorry for the complicated questions / scenario, but this is what I am dealing with and I could apparently spend months researching all of this.

Any help would be appreciated.




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I can't answer all of your questions right now but maybe can help a bit. First you are on the right track with Elite and Marantz with Klipsch, especially since your room has wood floors and you have floorstanding speakers.
I-link is a great feature but not necessary. It just allows one cable to function in place of 3 pairs of analog. Sonically no difference.
Component upconversion takes a composite or s-video signal and converts it to component so you only have to run one set of component cables to your tv for all video signal. The only caveat is whether the receivers setup menus can be sent to the tv that way. Some can, some can't.
Power ratings of the various models are basically the same and this not a factor. Elite's power ratings and Marantz are true ratings so you will get 100 watts or more in multichannel mode.
The 5.1 and 7.1 settings are in the receivers setup menus and you can configure the unit to run either way. In your size room I think a good 5.1 setup is all you need and I think you should have bought a sub instead of the last speakers. Experiement with it and see what you like best, but get a sub as quickly as you can afford it.
All of the receivers you mentioned are very good and it is up to you and your needs to determine which one is best for you. I can't tell you that but if you want to keep your purchase to $700 or so be assured the Elite 54 will do everything you need extremely well now and in the future. I suggest you check out dynaco.com as they are a very good mail order site that honors all warranties and has very good prices. The 54 is $699.
You can research this stuff to frustration so look over their features and make a choice and enjoy whatever you get. You cannot go wrong with any of these units but for the size of your room and the sonic characteristics you mentioned and your budget I would get the 54 . It will serve you very well for many years.

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Thanks for your input and help.
Based on what you have told me and me comparing specs at Pioneer's sight, it seems like the 52 might also be capable of doing everything I need it to (???).
The 54 has "dual processors", 2 more sound modes, "advanced" vs. regular MCACC, a couple more inputs and outputs here and there, and 100MHz vs. 40 MHz of Component video frequency response.

What is "component video frequency response"? How is 100MHz vs. 40 MHz relevant?

How much difference do "dual" processors make? Sound?

Dynaco has the 54 @ $699 and the 52 @ $539.

In your opinion, is it worth the extra $140 to go to the 54?
Or will the 52 sound just as good and do what I need it to do?

Your help would again be appreciated.



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Also, if I were to go through dynaco.com, would you buy the "extended" 2 year or 4 year warranty for $64 or $130?
You mention they honor Pioneer's warranty. Apparently, Pioneer Elite receivers have a 2 year warranty.
Dynaco's site states:
Policy on Defective Products

Each product is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer (unless specifically stated otherwise on the manufacturer's website). The complete warranty is included with the product. The manufacturers warranty covers repair or replacement of defective parts, subject to the conditions set fourth. For all repairs of products you must contact the original manufacturer of that product.

What is your experience with Dynaco's customer service?

I could not find ANY info on their website explaining their "extended warranty".
What does dynaco actually do in the event of a problem with a receiver?
Or do I just deal with Pioneer?
If so, how is Pioneer's customer service?

Any info on warranty info dynaco vs. Pioneer would be appreciated.

Again, Thanks,


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I have been using my Elite 59TX with similar Klipsch Reference Speakers for about half a year now, my experience with this equipment is very positive, so look forward to it, and happy future listening.

To your question whether the 52 or 54 is better, only you can decide that, but if it was me I would go for the 52 becasue it seems money is an issue here and you have very high sensitivity speakers in a fairly small room.

However, if you want a better power supply with more reserve power, and a better remote(I think?) and more input/outputs opt for the 54.

To your question about component bandwidth(you called it freq. response but its the same thing) this is a rating at how well the receiver can transfer the signal from piont A to B. A receiver with 30mhz+ will do fine for a rear projection TV so 40 or 100mhz will do more than fine in your situation.

In my system this makes no difference as I run my S-Video directly to my TV.



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Buying from a unauthorized dealer is always a gamble. Most will honor the original terms of the manufacturers warranty, some will have you send the unit to them, some to a repair center of their choice. You need to make sure of this before you buy from anyone. This is the trade off of savings usually hundreds of dollars. Call around to a few dealers and see what they say. You can get a list by typing in Pioneer Elite at the top of the receivers page.
I think the 52 would probably do just fine in your room but the 54 weight 7 or so more pounds so that tells me it's better built, beefier power supply maybe etc. The 52 has been measured at 115 watts into 8 ohms with 5 channels driven so it has plenty of power.
Pioneer has good customer service but it usually takes a long wait on the phone before you get to talk to a rep. 800-pioneer.
You need to decide which is the right way to go for you and just do it. Good luck.
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