Where to start, Rotel or Denon and then more...


I'm looking for a system that has scalability for future needs. I wish to get good front speaks that match the amp appropriately. My main focus of attention would be listening to music. I'm not fussed about going higher than 5.1. A centre channel is a must, as I want to be able to increase the dialogue without raising the sound effects. I only watch one movie a month hence sound effects aren't a major priority.

I have looked at AV receivers and integrated Amps

AV Receiver
Denon 3805 15% more than Rotel
Marantz 7400 or Rotel 1056 @ same price
Overlooked HK and Yamaha

CD players
Arcam CD73 or Rotel 1073 @ same price
Cambridge Audio 640C or Rotel RA02 @ same price
Overlooked NAD

Have come to the realisation that stand mounts will almost always image better than floorstanders. However I wish I want to ensure that I match the speakers and Receiver, I do want to spend the money on speakers, I'm not doing they justice
hence the following selection.

Enjoyed the 11's as part of a stereo set-up, will have to listen to the 12's again as they had no truly warmed up.

Considering DB1 or TB2, but only if I can get the updated plus versions.

Focal JM Lab
714, 716 or 726 all very nice but have concerns over how bright they are and would they be a good match for the receivers

Love the 602 but yearn for something better and therefore considering the 705s, I feel anything else is an inefficient comprise.

Yet to be auditioned Monitor S8 and Gold Ref 10. Dynaudios.

Plan to connect the CD player to the Receiver by analogue connectors.
But wonder whether there is any point getting the more expensive players over the cheaper ones as the analogue part of the receiver will try and interpret the source signal and spoil it.

Am I better off swapping the RSX-1067 for the RSX-1056 and then get a Rotel 1062 Integrated Amp for the best of both worlds. The Rotel 1062 would be roughly the price difference and then some small change.
Unfortunately I can't find all the kit in one store, hence your advice is more than welcome

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I would take the 1056 and the 1062(great sound) ocer the 1067. I agree with your statement about stand mounts over floorstanders generally but bookshelf and floorstanders can sound very different.

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Where can you get the Rotel RSX 1056 for the same price as the Marantz 7400 and below the price of the Denon 3805? The Rotel is way more expensive than both of those especially when you consider that usually you can't get much of a discount on Rotel gear.

For your needs, I would stick to Rotel over Denon and Marantz. the 1056 not only has the characteristic Rotel sound; but it also has many features one would assume only the mass market products such as Denon have.

Also, if you do get the 1056 and an expensive CD player, hook them up with analog interconnects. Then, you can configure the input on the Rotel to which you have connected the CD player for 2-Channel direct. That way, the receiver won't do the D/A conversion and will output that stream directly to the volume/amplifier for pure analog stereo sound.

Cheers for the comments,

Bluestar, will definitely compare the RSX 1056 and the 1073 on two channel direct, against the 1073 paired with the 1062.

On the point of stands mounts v floorstanders I ranking my options as follows;

1) B&W 705
2) PMC TB2
3) JM Lab 716
4) B&W 602

I have concerns over whether 1056 could adequately power B&W 705. I'm unsure of the MA's GR10 due to their sensitivity and Dynaudios due to their low impedance. Bearing in mind that the setup will be on for most of the day ,TV viewing or listening to music, I need to consider power consumption as a factor! This is why I'm shying away from the 1067, it's a beast at 990 watts.

Any speakers recommendations more than welcome!

Vlad, in Oz Rotel is a bit cheaper than Marantz, Denon etc. however it goes in swings and roundabouts, as AVR 300 is ridiculously expensive, roughly 35% more than UK prices. I have seen in other threads, comments on how the price of a brand differs greatly depending on the country of purchase.
I was originally considering 3805, until I came across these postings. Until then my only concern was whether matching the 3805 with JM Labs would be too bright a sound? Shows how a little bit of knowledge, is a very dangerous thing, these days I wish for a little ignorance.

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The Rotel is not in the same leag as the Denon... Rotel is better than the Denon, not fair comparison.

I audited the Rotel and the B&W 703 and it was a winner combination for me.

I will try the ARCAM AVR300 with the B&W 703 speakers (though, I tried the ARCAM with the JM LAB, and did not like the sound).


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I forgot to elaborate on my post above.

On the Rotel (as with all receivers/pre-pros), if you hook the player with optical/coaxial interconnects, the Rotel's DACs will be used.

If you hook up the the player with analog interconnects, then you have two options with the 1056. If you choose the "Stereo" option, the 1056 will convert the analog signal to digital and will apply all the settings you have configured on the receiver such us speaker levels, delays, etc. You can however choose "Bypass", in which case, the analog signal will be routed directly to volume control and the pre-amplifier stage for pure analog sound. This is the route to go if you like the DACs in your player.

Also, as Daniel mentioned above, the Rotel is in a different league than Denon. And you say you can get it cheaper...

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I would highly recommend the Denon 3805 and the 2910 universal disc player. For the money you can't do better. The Marantz SR7500 with Denon 2910 would be my second choice, followed by the NAD. The Marantz 6500 universal disc player cannot hold a candle to the Denon 2910, but the SR7500 reciever is quite nice.

I have auditioned a Rotel, and honestly my impressions of it were not good. It was not as bad as Onkyos I tested, but it certainly was not stellar.

The ARCAM looks good, but I have not tested it yet.

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IMHO you are leaving out NAD. If you shop around, you can get a 773 in the $1300 range. Give NAD a listen, might be worth your time.

Daniel, thanks for your recommendation, very succinctly put. I look forward to your comparison of the AVR300 and the Rotel 1056. But I feel, from reading your thread and others, the AVR300 will outclass the Rotel.

I plan to hear the Rotel with the JM Lab 716s next weekend, will keep you posted.

Vlad, your clarification is very much appreciated. That is how I plan to set-up the system, but I was unsure as to how it actually would be done.

Russ, I'm very impressed with the Denon 3805, but I'm restricted with the range of speakers that can be obtained locally that can match it. I find the Denon articulate and commanding, which merited it being my receiver of choice, but factor in the price difference to the Rotel and it becomes a less persuasive.
On the suggestion of the 2910, I have not found a DVD player to have the same staging or presentation as a dedicated CD player. As I mainly listen to music, I want to ensure I'm getting the best medium in which to play it.

Indianspringsaz, having read some disgruntled threads about the T773 and a lot of contributors looking to upgrade, I steered clear of NAD stuff so far. Yes, they make some great stereo gear by all accounts, however I must confess I'm not a fan of their submarine gray/black design. But you do make a good point I should do myself justice and give NAD a listen!

It seems so far that the B&W 705s are the way to go and will match any receiver. However I don't think my budget will stretch to HTM7 and wonder if the LCR600 is a good alternative?

Would the Rotel 1056 by itself be powerful enough to power B&W 705 matched with the HTM7 centre. I hear the 705s need a lot of power to bring them to life! Or should I consider a combo of 1056 with the 1062. Or take the next step and honestly be considering either the 1067 receiver or a combo of the 1068+1075. I only ask because no store stocks both Rotel and B&W where I live?
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