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Could you guys help me categorize the following speaker models as warm, laid back, forward, analytic:

Paradigm Monitor series
B&W 600 series
Monitor Audio bronze series
PSB Image series


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pretty nice selection of speakers there!
I have the paradigm monitor 7s and they are definately on the warm side. On that note, they are great speakers and a great value. The B&W's that i listened to were a little on the revealing side, not to forward, but a not laid back either. I have not listened to the MA's or the PSB's, however from what i have read on here the MA's are definately bright and should be matched with a warmer receiver like an elite or hk. The PSB's I think are warm, but not really sure, maybe someone else can let you know more on them. Happy listening

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Monitor's are a bit bright when brand new but smooth out considerably after being broken in. After that they are not bright at all compared to Klipsch for example. Paradigm and PSB are the warmest speakers in my area and excellent values.
I find B&W to be pretty neutral but my local store demo's them with Elite's and they are a bit boring, something seems to be lacking. Even though I love the Elite's I think B&W's would benefit from a more forward receiver. To me the best values can be had from MA and Paradigm.

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Thanks derek and elitefan.

I just have another question.
Would you consider NAD receivers as warm? Which among the four models do you think is best with NAD. I dont like bright sounds and im very sensitive to sibilance. For me its very irritating, very unpleasant to my ears.

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Paradigm 7 series, a bit on the warm side but, very clear.
B&W, lackluster performance, muffled not warm, I think I've over emphasized no great love for their 6 series:-) apologies to all the B&W lovers, but this is just my opinion.
Monitor Audio bronze, no big love for that one, but love the Silvers, Golds are over rated but prettier and no big difference from the Silvers.
I've auditioned some PSBs and they were on the laid back side.

I would not consider the NAD as warm nor bright. Very musical, lovely sonic qualities and pairs well with a lot of speakers. I think they pair well with Paradigms and PSBs, specially if you are sensitive to sibilance.

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I also have NAD, and have auditioned some of the speakers you're considering. I didn't much like the Paradigm Mini Monitors or the B&W 600 and 601, slightly preferring the former to the latter two.

I, too, am interested in hearing peoples' impressions of the MA Bronze and PSB. The MA Silver S-1 is also in, or just north of, this price range ($440 US) . Please tell all if you get a chance to audition the MA. I hear PSB mate especially well w/NAD, since both brands share a parent corporation. (I mean, hey, look at the wonderful things inbreeding has done for England's royals.... But I kid.)

Others hereabouts have recommended Axiom and Ascend (with Berny preferring the latter to the former). I plan to audition both in my home some time in the coming weeks. If you don't plan to make your purchase right away, I'll be happy to share my impressions with you.
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