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I'm trying to decide what brand or model receiver to go with. I'm mainly looking at Denon, Onkyo, and Marantz. Here are the receivers I am looking at.

1. Onkyo 602, possibly 702
2. Denon 1905, possibly 2105
3. Marantz 5400, possibly 6400

I'm going to be using it for about 60/40 movies/music. Maybe even a little bit more for movies. I have no idea what speakers I'm going to be using since I havn't decided yet. I deffinitly want to be able to listen to TV in surround sound, although I'm a little out of all the new technology so I don't know which ones can do that. Another key factor is I want some control over the sound. I don't want a receiver that just gives me one sound, rather I would like to play around with getting it the way I want it. So more or less I would like some sound features. I know Marantz is regarded for the most part as better in terms of music sq here, but I just want to make sure it fits my needs. Thanks for any help.

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From best to worst:

Onkyo 702
Marantz SR6400
Denon 2105
Marantz SR5400
Onkyo 602
Denon 1905

Something like that. Just my opinion. The 702 is clearly the best guy out of those. For pure music the 6400 could be first.


Since you are more on movies, try Yamaha RXV1500 with Paradigm Monitor series speakers. None of those you mention above can beat Yamaha as far as movie sound reproduction is concern. Audition them with movies (action movies) in full hometheater set up. Just a thought. We might have the same taste.

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I'm curious, why do you put the Onkyo 702 so far above the 602? I thought the two were essentially the same except for a slight increase in RMS and a few minor extra features.

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Thanks for all the help. I'm definitely interested in the Yamaha receivers now. They seem to be be very movie oriented. This would be alot easier if a local shop had all of these to play with at the same store, but unfortunately they don't. The 1500 is probably out of my price range for now. I think I am going to have to stick with $500 or less. I actually just found an Onkyo 602 for $349 open box at Circuit City. If I go with Denon it will be the 1705 since the higher models really don't offer me anything I really want or need for the price. So now my choices are down to:

Onkyo 602
Denon 1705
Yamaha 650
Marantz 5400

So unless one of these is alot better than any other I think I am going to go with the Onkyo just because I think it's a pretty good deal and it has everything I want. Thanks.

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no man do not make a mistake with onkyo they use some kind of power saver feature that lets the power per channel drop and out of these best will be marantz 5400 very balanced u may like denon for dsp in movies only musically marantz is much better

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Hi I am planning to buy the Denon AVR 1905. This is the first time I will be buying an AV receiver and I plan to use it primarily for watching movies. Am I making the right choice or is there an alternate receiver, which is better value for money.

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If you are primarily using it for movies, I would suggest the yamaha line. Either the 650, 750, or 1500 if you can afford it. I think they are better for movies than the denon's. Lots of different dsp modes.

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Thanks D Lowe. I have decided to go with the Yamaha 650 as its more than what I can afford at the moment (its my entry into the world of AV receivers)...
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