Kenwood VR-8070??


Bruce Dickenson
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Anyone know anything about the Kenwood VR-8070?

I'm a newbie and this would be my first HT receiver. I wanted a 7.1 system and I was deciding between the Yamaha RX-V2500 and the Onkyo TX-NR901. Then I came across this Kenwood VR-8070, which is THX certified and has 3 component inputs ... and is selling for about half the price of the other 2.

As a newbie, I'm sure there are some major deficiencies with the Kenwood that I don't know about ... can anyone help out with this or is the Kenwood a real steal at just over $300.

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I have a Kenwood vr407 that is about 5 years old. I have never had any problems with it, however I really don't think it's that great. For some reason no matter which speaker setup I've had, wheather it be placement or different speakers, the sound of the center channel is allways small sounding. I'm not a big fan of the general layout of it either. Being that the one you are talking about is much newer and might be higher up than mine these problems might be solved. Is there any chance you can listen to it? I think atleast in technology like electronics you get what you pay for.

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The Kenwood is a real steal at just over $300. I've been a Kenwood fan and the only thing I was disappointed was their pathetic VR-6070. That thing heat up like an oven.
I still have the Japan version equivalent of the 8070 and I have it paired to an Outlaw Audio 7100 and it is great.
However, the Yamaha RX-V2500 is a better receiver as it has bigger and more robust power supplies. To appreciate the Kenwood, you have to mate it to outboard power amps as it sounds well with almost any speakers I've heard.

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An Oven, lol

My 6070 has NEVER gotten over luke-warm, and I mean NEVER. I use it to drive an 8 ohm speaker set, you must have 6 ohm or lower, or a defect.

Calling the 6070 Pathetic is a joke IMHO. We must remember it is a 300$ receiver with THX, DTS-ES, Dolby EX, etc etc.

I personally think it is one of Kenwoods best receivers they ever made, but thats just me and u are entitled to your opinion.

The Yamaha/Onkyo will be a better receiver because they are in a different price level. if price is no option, opt for the Yamaha.

The Kenwood is an option for people only looking to spend under 500$ for a receiver. If you want to save some money, go for the Kenwood, and upgrade to a power-amp later on if you ever feel u need more power.

I have the VR-6070 and a Pioneer Elite 59TX, honestly I dont think the Elite is worth the extra money, as great as it is. I use my Kenwood for my kids xbox and upstairs music(my kids call it their system:D) I use my Elite for my Home Theater and Music downstairs.

What you go for basicly depends on what u want to spend and what your needs are.


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:-)Don't you remember that very long thread regarding the 6070 I had the Japan model KRF-7060D(I think), that was more than a year ago? It busted on me twice so I ended up getting the KRF9070D. Now that one put my faith back in Kenwood.
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