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I just purchased the last component to my new home theater system... Pioneer Elite 55txi receiver, pioneer elite dv-47ai dvd player, polk rti speakers (floor, center, rear).

My question is... What kind of wires should i buy to maximize the performance of the system?

I'm not looking to spend $5 a foot on speaker wire, as I will need about 100ft of wire, but I want to make sure I don't go too cheap and jeopardize the quality of sound.

Thanks for everyone's help.

Also, can anyone recommend a record player for under $250 that I could add to my setup?

I know these questions may not pertain to receivers, but I have come here in the past for advice and have been extremely happy with the quality of responses...Thanks again.

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I will not tell you what wire to buy but will say do not buy the Sound King brand that has been popular on this board in the past. I spent 6 and a half hours redoing my wire a few months ago with the Sound King 14 gauge and after all that work, and it's a major project in my house it sounded extremely bright and shrill and I went back to my old Monster Standard. I know it's only 16 gauge and everyone says to use at least 14 or 12 but it sounds so much smoother and better in my system that I will not change again. It's just way too much work and I like the way my system sounds now. I can only say do not buy Sound King, unless you want the 200 feet of it that's sitting in my attic!

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Usually, we see pretty much eye to eye on things, but on this one, I will have to respectfully disagree. I am not disputing the results that you had with the Sound Kind brand as I wasn't there to hear it, but I have had significantly different results.

I used to have the Monster stuff (16 gauge from Circuit City), and later switched to the 12 gauge Sound King, and I really couldn't tell a difference (which is my point). Granted, I did not do a "side by side" test of the two (switching between them), but I am thourougly satisfied with the way that it sounds in my system.

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in a double blind test,i doubt that many people would be able to tell the difference between "high tech" wire and 12 or 14 gauge wire from any hardware store...
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