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I need to replace my 25 yr old system, an H/k receiver with Infinity speakers. I have no idea what is out there. I want a new receiver/surround speaker system/dvd/cd player. I need to keep the package to $3000 max. Tell me what you would buy. I have a new 20' x 28' room w/ 11' cathedral ceiling fully carpeted. 4 prewired speaker wires evenly spaced around the room at 9' high and other speaker wires through out the house.

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Go slow and research the web for a few weeks, and you will end up with pretty good sounds for that money - buy on a whim and you will not get anything better.

I will post a detail recommendation later - meanwhile, you might want to read the following :

I know it seems like a lot of research, but believe me, you will end up with something you will like much better by going this tout.

You can spend the money and not get anything of quality, or by doing the research, you will end up with good music at home.

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Thanks. I have been and will continue to do research. Sounds like the speakers are key. Bad speakers make a good system sound bad. So far it appears that I can't go wrong with JBL, Polk, or Klipsch speakers.

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Should add paradigm, Monitor Audio, and B&W to that list, they are very popular!

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Are there any receiver/speaker combos I should stay away from? What is the rule on watt ratings for speakers vs. receivers? I don't want to buy a speaker that the receiver blows out because it has too many watts.

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Straight Shooter,

Well stay away from White Van Speakers for sure, lol.

You dont really have to worry about 'blowing out' a speaker unless you are trying to, or mating a Pioneer Elite 59TX with RCA mini system speakers...I've never done it honest!!!:-)

James gave you some good advice here, do your research, and dont be afraid to bring in CD's to local audio shops to test out gear before you buy, some stores will even let you take gear home before purchase.(with a credit card # of course)

As a general rule, what system you get will depend on(in no specific order) room size, media being used(Music, HT, Games), price level and space contraints.


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