MA Bronze 6 v. Axiom M22ti



How do these two compare? I have an HK525 and my taste is clear mids and highs but also loud. Even though I have a sub, it seems the M22ti(bookshelf) won't be able to play very loud?

thanks for the help.

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I disagree, the M22ti will play obnoxiously loud, depending on your electronics. How did you end up with that type of conclusion??? And how do you know that the Monitor Audio Bronze will play louder??? I think (Axiom)is a better performer than the MA the Silver series is another matter.

I currently have the M22ti and had to turn my hk525 up to -12db and it still does not feel loud. I just thought that MA B6 since it is a tower would be able to play louder - higher maximum spl ??
And also, could you tell me why you think M22ti is better than B6.

thanks for the help. Others please give me additional inputs....

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I have auditioned the MA B6 and although it does get loud, it lacks the detail, clarity and staging characteristics of the M22. But those are 2 completely different animals, I misread your post, I was referring to the B1's and B2's compared to the M22ti's. The MA B6 can get loud with nary a complaint.

Now, a comparison of the same class, I have the Axiom M60 and compared to the MA B6, i preferred the Axioms, hands down a better performer. If it is at all the same to you, I also found that the M22Ti staged better than the M60, but the M60s just played louder and with more authority. Plus I like the look of towers better. These are of course my own personal preferences and yours may take a totally different avenue.

I am also using an Outlaw Audio 7100 power amp to drive the M22Tis, and they are obnoxiously loud when driven to the extreme. Not as loud as the M60 nor the Athena ASF-2, which I also use.

I think Elitefan1 (a regular contibutor on this forum), likes the Monitor Audio and i believe he likes the Silver series better than the Bronze. But you have to ask him for a better evaluation of the MAs.

enjoy the hunt and i hope you pick out the best that you like!

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