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Hey all,
I just found this site, and reading through the posts, I am very impressed with all the knowledge that can be found here. Anyway, I was wondering if someone can help me pick out a new 2 channel receiver.

I'm trying to decide between the Marantz SR-4320 and the Rotel RX-1050, but I'm open to suggestions, especially if anyone knows of another good one which would fit my budget (under $700).

For reference, here's what I plan on plugging into the new receiver:

I mostly listen to rock 'n roll from the 60s to early 80s on vinyl records. I play them on a Technics turntable with a Sumiko blue oyster cartridge. I also have an old Teac cassette player from the late 1970s which cost a good deal back then and still sounds nice to this day. And I also want to plug in my Denon CD player which I use frequently, but not as much as my turntable. I recently bought some Paradigm Esprit speakers for my medium-sized living room and I'd like to run a vintage pair of Advent/1 speakers into my bedroom.

I can't seem to locate a store which sells Rotel receivers at a discount, but I've seen the Marantz receiver at a couple different stores in my area, and it's very affordable. I'm sorta leaning toward the Marantz just because it's cheaper, but I'm not sure that I would be happy with 80 watts per channel. Does anyone know where I could find the Rotel RX-1050?

I know I've asked a lot of questions, but any recommendations and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you! - Drew

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Check out an integrated amp from NAD... then buy a tuner. NAD integrateds have been getting consistently excellent reviews. Good luck.
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