Does mix (Paradigm) + match (B&W) = mess?


I'm a newbie trying to construct an HT system on a budget. I got a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7s (fronts) and recently got a good deal on some B&W DM602s (rears) a B&W CC6 (center). I don't have a surround receiver yet to test if it sounds good to my ears, but from what I've read it seems I should be timbre matching, especially with the front and center.

I will listen to more music than movies (70%/30%) and want to put together a great sounding system. Should I sell one set of speakers and go with either Paradigm or B&W, or will they sound ok together?

Also, depending on which way I go, what receiver will best suit the set-up. I've been leaning towards a Marantz SR7400 or possibly Denon 2105 (I like the idea of the auto set-up - is it just a gimmick?) but have read here that the Marantz/Paradigm combo won't sound good. I was also thinking of adding a NAD 2 channel amp to whatever receiver I get because when I auditioned NAD w/ the Paradigms it sounded fantastic, but NAD receivers are out of my budget and seem under-feaured. Obviously, I need guidance...PLEASE help!!!

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Im also at the same situation. I currently have a pair of DM303 as fronts and I can get a good deal with monitor 3, planning it to be my front and make 303 as surround speakers. Is it okey to combine them? Thanks
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