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hi, i posted on this forum nearly a year ago when i first got into hi-fi since then , with help from advice here i have brought a pair of kef 104/ab speakers, a kef refrence 95c centre speaker, kef coda 7 rears (need upgrading), quad 34/306 amps nad c542 cd player and nad ht amp ( which had to be sold due to lack of cash and am yet to replace :-) ooh and a rel storm subwoofer , (nearly all i got second hand and havnt even spent £1000 in total , however im off to uni, and have just purchased a piar of 103.3 speakers as they are smaller than my 104ab's, (going to uni next year, plan not to take ful ht , but decent stereo seperates and pos a pair of stax 3030 cans if i get round to the purchase) but still have pretty much all the kef reference quality (i hope they havnt arrived yet) , however these are rated as 50w - 200w for amp requirements, meaning my quad (rated at 50w) are at the lower end of this requirement, and am wondering what i would gain by getting a higher powered amp, and wether anyone could advise on anything suitable, as always am more than willing to bye second hand, even classic equipment, and budget being around £300 again. thanks for any help anyone is able to give, it is much apreciated, thanks mark

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hi, just to add to that, i love the warmth of my quad amps, they are brilliant for 90% of what i listen to, but everynow and again i play something a little faster and heavyer than theyre used to and they just loose controll, and loose theyre magic, would like recomendations of amps that might not have this shortcoming, thanks mark

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I have a pair of extremely good conditioned KEF 104 speakers. Does anybody know their saleable value?
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