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I currently have 2 pairs of studio 20's and 2 cc 570's for my centers and the PS 1000 sub. I was going to go to 40's but am now thinking 60's. I only use the sytem for watching movies/tv, and from what I have read they say the extra base extension is overkill that the midrange is better in the 40's. Originally I didnt want to go to floorstanding, but the cost is about the same, ether studio 40 with stands or 60 without

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Personally? I would keep the 20s and add another sub instead. The 20 will reach low enough to be able to cross over to the sub without much lost information. There is no reason to go to a larger main unless you are planning to run it without a sub (say, for 2 channel music.)

Because of the larger baffle, extra driver and more complex crossover, I think the 40s are a bit less focused than the almost point source 20s(I own pairs of each.) They also share the same midrange driver and crossover point to the tweeter, so I doubt you would consider the midrange any better with a 40 or 60. IMO, the 20 throws a soundstage as natural as anything even close to it's price point.

i shoud mention my room is 22 X23 as well, thought the extra drivers would help fill the room, sounds good now, but a little shy in the mid area. I know little in the area though, so looking for advice. in the future I would like to upgrade the sub to the siesmic 12 and go seperate amp and preamp. thinking anthem. currently have yamaha rx-v1200.
let me know what you think if that changes your ideas.

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Ah, that does change the dynamic a bit.

If you weren't planning to upgrade your amplification and are having trouble filling a large room, the floor standers would be a better choice, but more likely a pair of 80s or 100s IMO. The 40 or 60 probably is not going to be capable of much more output than the 20, given the same amount of availiable power. They all share similar sensitivity ratings, but the models with the larger drivers will move a bit more air.

However, the entire studio series responds well to more and better quality amplification, so you may still want to hold off on a speaker upgrade until you hear what the separates will do for you. You might be pleasantly surprised. You could attempt to borrow the pre & amp you are interested in to see if you would be happy with the results without the added expense of larger speakers.

Incidently, the Anthem stuff sounds amazing with Paradigm speakers (no surprise really, considering they are essentially the same company. Great synergy!) and the Seismic 12 is a monster! I like it as well as my servo 15.

Hope this helps.
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