Power Amp Decisions - Req. the gurus of Rotel and NAD


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Hey guys,

I've been researching power amps for my 2 channel stereo setup. My problem is that here in Australia, it is very hard to audition these amps where I'm based now, so will need to rely more upon reviews/opinions as such to base my decision. Anyway, I have managed to narrow my choices down to basically 3 amps. These being (in no order of preference):

1. NAD C272 (roughly $AUD 900)
2. Rotel RB-1070 ($AUD 700)
3. Rotel RB-1080 ($AUD 1200)

I should probably state first here that my budget was initially ~$1000AUD ($1AUD = $0.75USD). Also my music tastes are very much towards modern style, energetic music (ie. hip hop, rock, a little rap, pop, and even reggae). Never really listen to classical tunes... In other words my preferences in sound would be:

1. punchy
2. detailed
3. realistic (i'm not sure of the proper term for this but "live band" would probably describe it best)

The current speakers I am using are some restored KEF Concertos with excellent bass and fairly neutral mid>highs. Although these will probably be replaced soon so is of little influence really.

Given these criteria, what are people's thoughts/opinions on these candidates?? Also is anyone aware of any design faults/quibbles with these guys?

For example I've heard (with much dispute) that the NAD C272 suffers from poor bass response - maybe due to the same reason the C352 lacked bass initially as some may have heard.

On the other hand I've heard that the Rotels can be too bright...

As a freshman to this game, the opinions of people on this forum are highly appreciated. If I haven't provided enough information let me know also.


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hi, iam in the same boat as you and have selected the same amps, i have just blown up my 22 year old carver m400 cube, i have had a quote of $330aud to fix it, which i am not keen on considering its age. i am using 1980's era jbl 4312 control monitors thru a nad 1020 pre. can someone advise the best way to head with this.

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hi david
rotel 1070 is the way to go, they have a reputations with amplifiers....period.
as for they are bright, yes it is true but it is non fatigue in nature , people say that because when they hear the rotel in the showrooms it is freah and rotel products need a much greater time period to burn in, and hence the brightness goes.
with your kind of music, rotel.
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