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Hi everyone,
I'm just getting into hi-fi and i need some advice on speakers. I've spent some time demoing speakers at the only real hi-fi dealer where i live (ie, not A&B sound or Future Shop!). I've listened to the B&W 602s and the pardigm studio 40s and 60s, as well as the energy c-5s, which i didn't really like at all. Out of these i definately preferred the B&Ws. They seemed to have more 'depth' and a cleaner high end.
Though i've read some positive reviews of the 602s, it seems as though every time they come up as one potential choice among a few others, they never get recommended as the number 1.
Please post experiences with B&Ws and if you think they are one of the best for their price range.
Thanks All

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hi buddy i am the proud owner of B&W 603 602 600 setup and just love them with my pioneer elite 54 so have fun

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You may be more of an expert than I so take my opinion for the little it's worth. I have 603s, LCR60, and CCM65s and have loved them. Just had them a month or so but really have been pleased. I liked the sound of some paradigms also but in the end I went with the B&Ws.


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As my first system, i also bought B&W 602 S3, and am driving them by Nad 320Bee, and i am more than satisfied with the results....
so don't worry....its not a bad choice at all !!

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Whats your opinion on DM602s3 and T753 combo. Are they any better than Paradigm monitor 3?

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I've listened to both the 602s3 and Studio 20s. I liked both quite a lot & they seemed to have a similar sound (though the auditions were about a month apart & different stores...). I'll probably go with the Paradigms as they are physically smaller & the Rosenut finish increases the WAF a whole lot.
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