Best speakers for Onkyo 601?


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Mine's on its way, and I'm thinking I'll probably need to replace the bargain-basement Yamaha NS-3390s I have currently running off a Sony compact system.

People often say that the Onkyo is bright and should therefore be paired with "warm" speakers, of which Polk is often mentioned.

I would prefer to keep well under $300 for the pair. Am also looking at Wharfedales, mainly for their apparently amazing price-to-quality ratio and lots of rave reviews.

Then there's the Axioms, which I've heard good things about. Don't know how Infinitys would go, either.

My application: 40% music (classical, jazz, rock, no rap or techno) and 60% DVDs. I like it loud sometimes but SQ is important, don't like distortion.

System: Onkyo 601, JBL E150 sub, Wharfedale center. Room: probably 12x20 with cathedral ceilings.

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