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Anyone know how to capture and record the original digital signal of an internet radio stream? Is this signal the same as that coming from the "digital out" on a sound card, or is that a new digital signal recreated from the analog output of the sound card? If it is the orginal digital signal, can it be captured and recorded in the form of an audio file like wav or mp3? Thanks.

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Go to and purchase their shareware Real Time Recorder. It is inexpensive and IT WORKS GREAT!!!

If it comes out of your computer's speakers, it can be recorded in various formats.

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EAC is free - google search for it
(Exact Audio Copy)


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These won't capture the digital signal that streams into a computer and temporarily resides in a cache file until the sound card processes it into an analog audio signal for listening. Anyone know how to capture that digital component? For example, if it comes in at 64kbps on Windows Player, it's capture implies that one could intercept and retrieve a .wmv digital file that would play back at 64kbps.

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Check out Replay music. Works great and automatically tags the files. But I'm not sure of the actual bitrate of the songs

You may find lots of info about audio/video stream recording at

Here is for example an explanation of how to record AOL streams

Find the URL of a Nullsoft video (NSV) stream

To find the URL of Nullsoft video stream you may use Project URL Snooper or any other packet sniffer.

How to record NSV stream from AOL or Netscape

ATM we are not aware of the ability to record NSV streams like the following one ce/aolmusiclive_evanescence_intro_350.nsv&uid=AOL_bla-bla-bla
Such files can be downloaded, but their protection doesn't allow you to watch them.

To download media streams from AOL or Netscape we should find their RealVideo or QuickTime copies first.
Getting RealVideo copy and recording it

Let's find the RealVideo copy for the following stream: ce/aolmusiclive_evanescence_intro_350.nsv&uid=AOL_bla-bla-bla

Follow simple steps:

Change "_350.nsv&uid=AOL_bla-bla-bla" at the end of the URL onto "_bb8.rm". You will get ce/aolmusiclive_evanescence_intro_bb8.rm

Change "" in the beginning of the URL onto "rtsp://". You will get
rtsp:// usiclive_evanescence_intro_bb8.rm

The latter Real Video stream can be recorded by any video stream recorder supporting Real Video streamed through RTSP protocol.

If your URL looks like the following one ence/aolmusiclive_evanescence_intro_700.nsv

Change "_700.nsv" at the end of the URL onto "_bb8.rm". You will get ence/aolmusiclive_evanescence_intro_bb8.rm
Change "" in the beginning of the URL onto "rtsp://". You will get
rtsp:// usiclive_evanescence_intro_bb8.rm
Again we get Real Video streamed through RTSP protocol.

Getting QuickTime (QT) copy
If you prefer to get a QuickTime copy of the following URL ence/aolmusiclive_evanescence_intro_700.nsv

Change "_700.nsv" at the end of the URL onto "". You will get ence/

Change "" in
the beginning of the URL onto "". You will get

Re: Anonymous post (Date April-07 2005)

How the hell did you work out how to do it?
Works a treat!

I thank you.


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How do I do that with a song?

Recording AOL video

Harry Connick jr
Music video "She"


The nsv explanation, will it work on this, can anyone show me the nsv file? Please let me know if there's ways to save this? Seems it is another type of file maybe? Great if anyone can try to help with this link

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I got this to work yesterday using URLSnooper2 and CoolBeans.

Great Thread

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Thank you for the nsv information
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