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Will someone pls tell me what Pink Noise is? I came hearing about Pink Noise tests but have no clue what the **** it is.

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i think its refering to testing equipment with all frequencies being driven. heres a link to an archived thread that has lots of stuff explained. i found it helpful. theres probably a better explaination in there.

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Pink noise is an audio test signal that contains all the frequencies in the audio spectrum with equal energy in each octave. Unlike white noise, which contains equal energy at all frequencies, pink noise contains less energy in the higher audio frequencies than in the lower ones. This is because the higher octaves have wider frequency content than the lower ones. For example, if your were to slice the audio spectrum into one hertz "slices", the octave between 100Hz and 200Hz would contain 100 such slices. The octave, between 1KHz and 2KHz would contain 1000 slices, while the octave between 10KHz and 20KHz would contain 10,000 slices. It can be seen that if each slice contained the same energy, there would be much more overall energy in the higher octaves than in the lower ones. This is the case with white noise. White noise can be converted to pink noise by passing it through a low pass filter with a -3db per octave roll off.

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Thanks Berny, Chris,
That was really quite educating. Any clue where one could source pink noise samples? What does it sound like?
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