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It it a good idea to use pro amps such as Mackies to power subwoofers? I was thinking of getting 2 shivas and powering them with a mackie but i am not convinced on the quality and the honesty of the amplifiers ratings. Are these just a good value or are they to good to be true? Should I just go with a plate amp? Thanks for your help


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A plate amp will be simpler because it has it's own crossover and an auto-on feature.
You can use pro-sound amps to powere subs although sound quality may be good or not so good depending on the amp. If your receiver has a sub out that has it's own crossover, that makes things easier,

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You can use a power amp to drive the shivas quite nicely, but you will need a "bass managment system" if you do not have internal crossovers in the receiver you are using. The Mackie amps are more than able to handle any thing you can throw at it from a home receiver, but you will need proper cables, ie: 1/4" to rca. The mackie rating are one the mark and the price is right. The shivas will take to the Mackie, the damping factor is not as good as high end plate amps ($500 plus).

I have used this before and was quite happy with it. If you want a plate amp to handle the shivas try try the ADA line and the HS1000.

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sorry for the late reply. The receiver i have is the HK 3380 stereo receiver so im not sure if it has the crossover built into the dual sub out. I am leaning more toward a plate amp anyway though. Do you guys know anything about the creative sound solutions amps found here at this site.

I live in Canada so the higher end Adire amps are a little to expensive for my budget and I was wondering if this would make a good alternative. I don't want to sacrifice to much sound quality. Thanks very much

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