Good speakers match for nadc320bee


tago mago
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Hi all.
What do u think would be the best speakers pairing with the NAD C320BEE? In particular among the following brands:
Mordaunt Short
Indiana Line

I've read somewhere that the NAD is not very good with heavy rock. Any opinion about this? I listen to a lot of alternative/underground rock.


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Sorry, I have nothing to say on the matter, but I had to respond because of your username. Great album. Great band.

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I'm using B&W 602 S3, and it rocks...
u can also try PSB

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anyone has try this NAD (C320BEE) with mordaunt short 902
how's the sound????

tago mago
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Yes opinions/experiences on pairing with MS 902,904 906 would be quite interesting.

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I have the NAD 320BEE with the Chario SYNTAR 200 (bought them 340€ in Greece) and it sounds pretty good on indie/ aletrnative guitar stuff that I mostly listen to (never tried any CAN alboum though).
I have also tried the B&W, various Magnat models and other speakers (KEF, Tannoy, JMLab) and Syntar's were clearly better (more clear sound and better bass).

Still, having said that, I would opt for a more 'complete' sound that I dont seem to get from the Syntars (it's a bookshelf speaker after all).

tago mago
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After some research i have thought about the following possible matches. I like floorstanders and i listen to a lot of stuff other than rock,from jazz to experimental electronic: basically i listen to everything other than mainstream :-)
What do u think about?

Nad C320BEE + B&W DM602.5 S3
Nad C320BEE + Aliante CNM Tower
Nad C320BEE + Indiana Arbour 4.20
Nad C320BEE + Mordaunt Short 904
Nad C320BEE + Tannoy Sensys DC2
Nad C320BEE + Chario (don't know which model)
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