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I have a 32" JVC television. Flat screen Tube, non HD. I have an Athena AS-C1 sitting on top of it and a pair of Athena AS-F2 on either side of it, plus a HSU STF-2 within about 3-4 feet.

The AS-F2 are really close to the TV (Within six inches, the fronts of the speakers line up approximately with the front of the TV.

Anyhow, I thought I was supposed to have magnetically shielded speakers, but when I have a blue screen, in the lower left corner I get a reddish pinkish interference, and in upper right corner I get the same thing.

I know this interference is coming off of all 3 speakers center, fronts, and I think it may be coming off the sub.

What's weird is that moving the left speaker forward removes most of the interference on the left side, moving the right speaker forward increses it. The center needs to be moved back and it relieves some of the interference..... Can anyone recommend how to position the speakers, or can show a pattern or shape of interference given off by these speakers.

It's just weird to me. I though magnetically shielded, especially for a center, means you can place those speakers right there on or near the TV. What gives?

I really don't like thinking I might have to rearrange all the furniture and everything in my living room to accomodate the space needed .
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