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I have an opportunity to buy a set of older (1993) Paradigm Studio Monitors - no model other than that. Apparently they were the flagship Paradigm monitor in 92/93 and are similar to the 100's of today.
I have not heard or seen these speakers yet due to the travel required to get there. What I was hoping you folks could do is share some of your insight into these speakers before I wasted any time looking at something that is not appropriate for my needs. I love nice sound but I am no audiophile - my questions will have a very newbie'ish feel to them and that would be accurate - so here goes...
1) these things are supposed to be big - I'm wondering how efficient they will be and will my Onkyo A/V 701 receiver be able to push them. specs as follows:
- Design
4-driver, 3-way bass reflex, Quasi-3rd order resistive port
- Crossover 2nd order electro-acoustic at 275Hz 3rd order electro/acoustic at 2.5kHz
- Performance Low Frequency Extension 25Hz(DIN)
Frequency Response
- On Axis 0 degrees +/-2dB from 30Hz-20kHz
Off Axis 30 degrees +/-2dB from 30Hz-15kHz
- Sensitivity-Room/Anechoic 90dB/87dB
- Suitable Amplifier Power 15-300 watts
- Maximum Input Power 200 watts
- Nominal/Minimum Impedance 6 ohms/4 ohms
2) Would they make a good A/V and music platform to buld around if I need to upgrade my components?
3) which leads to what could be recommended for a receiver
4) and finally, how do they sound - I know, very subjective question but I'm only looking for opinions based on those who have heard them - remember, I haven't.

Thought I would make my 1st post my longest - and I apologize for that. I would, however, very much appreciate any help in the way of opinions and direction - BTW, great forum - thanks for reading....


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1) Great speakers if you can get a good deal grab them for sure, the technology in speakers hasn't really made any leaps and bounds IMO, they're comparable to some of the best driver based speakers today.

2) Given the impedence of the speakers, you're going to need a good amp/receiver to drive them, one that is speced for 4ohm speakers. Filling out the rest of the system, you'll have to try and timbre match surround and centre speakers to the driver/tweeter in tho Studios.

3) I would keep the Onkyo AV701 and buy a power stereo amp to run the Studios with. NAD makes awsome 2 channel power amplifiers.

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Thanks Kano for the great response. So if I add a power amp, can I run the center and surrounds at 8ohms and the fronts at 4 using a power amp? I know nothing about hooking up a power amp - is that something most receivers are able to accomidate? I assume the reciever will act as a preamp and handle the A/V for all speakers in surround mode - will I also be able to manage the 5.1 analogue for SACD's if I go with a power amp for teh fronts? Sorry - lots of questions, so little knowledge -

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You use the RCA pre-outs on the Onkyo and plug that into the inputs on the amplifier. Running speaker wire from the amp to the Paradigms.

The Onkyo doesn't power the Paradigms at all, the power amp completely handles the load. Volume is still controlled by the Onkyo receiver.

Think of it the exact same way you hook up a subwoofer, the signal and volume controls are still sent, but it is powered externally.

For the 5channel direct mode, I'm not sure since I haven't gone that route yet, but I don't see how it would be affected. But unless you can timbre match the centre and surround (which BTW you can run at 8ohms absolutely) music will be less than perfect in surround mode, you may be limited to listening solely to the Studios for music, which is not at all a bad thing.

Keep in mind the power amplifier is how you will get the most out of those speakers. I just checked and the Onkyo 701 is speced for 4ohms, so it might sound fine. But if you're considering another receiver, I'd go the power amp route.
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