NAD C352 - i need to your serious help


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Hello everybode.
i am from Isreal and i can get only the nad c352 that was before the ct (the line before the balance of the bass improvement).
if i will buy it i will be disapointed? i also will conect to the pre out a sub woofer for better quastion is if this amp (the old 352 before the CT) will sound prety good and repreduce a dynamic and accurate music?
thank you for the help!

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NAD C352 pre-CT version?
I believe you have read by now that NAD stated all NAD C352 (whether in their usual grey or titanium finish) marketed to the public have been upgraded and rectified. There should not be any defective or subpar unit floating around. To be safe, just make sure you either buy the titanium finish or the grey unit with the new black power button as opposed to the green.


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The 352 that was mentioned in one of the reviews was a pre-production unit! People should stop worrying about this! There has been a lot of NAD slaying around here these days and after auditioning all models supposedly having hiss problems and other issues with my dealer, I can confirm from my point of view, that I did not hear or see anything out of the ordinary and in most cases, the NAD products blew away anything and everything even near their price and sometimes way more!

People should make an effort to listen to a product before buying if they have reservations about the rumours being stated on this board! For example, I bought AXIOM speakers without listening to them realising that I COULD return them with NO hassle. I could not be happier to say the least as they are amazing and nothing comes close for even twice the price in my opinion!

A company with a reputation such as NAD is not going to sit back and watch people buy other makes due to poor quality!!! Be realistic!

There are new reviews concerning the 773 and they are very favourable with NO hissing issues or other reliability problems and I am sure these guys check way more things than we do!
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