THE old NAD c352......i need a serious help in fast in posibale :-)


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Hello everybode.
i am from Isreal and i can get only the nad c352 that was before the ct (the line before the balance of the bass improvement).
if i will buy it i will be disapointed? i also will conect to the pre out a sub woofer for better quastion is if this amp (the old 352 before the CT) will sound prety good and repreduce a dynamic and accurate music?
thank you for the help!

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To my knowledge there isn't any pre-Nad C352CT C352 amp on the market.
The amp What Hifi tested (in their first C352 test) was the only pre-NAD C352 CT.
NAD hadn't brought this one on the market.

I could be wrong though...
There is a thread on this forum about it, someone had asked NAD (the company itself) about the differences between the two and their reply was as I already told: all the NAD C352's on the market are the improved ones.
So I guess you don't have to worry about inferior sound or whatsoever.

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Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2004 - 01:32 am:
Here's the reply from NAD regards the difference between C-352 and C-352CT (there's none except color):

"Thank you for your recent request via the NAD Electronics web-site.

In light of the fantastic review that we had for the C352 from What Hi Fi,
there have been a couple of consumers and dealers raise a question regarding
how to tell the difference between the old and the "new, improved" version.
So for the record, here it is. All units for sale in both Grey and Titanium
are the new improved version.

What Hi Fi reviewed a prototype model of the c352 in June last year and
gave it a three star rating. As a result of this, NAD made some subtle
changes to the design. All our customers have the "new, improved" version.

The "CT" referred to in the text is reference to the colour only, if you
note the text beside the picture you will see that it is still labelled as a
C352. Titanium is not available in North America.

The changes made to the unit are as follows:

We improved the DC servo circuit which tightens up the bass response. In a
complementary amplifier design, the positive and negative halves of the
waveform are handled by different "complementary" transistors - the gain of
each half of the circuit must be perfectly balanced or there will a DC
voltage present at the speaker outputs. With the original C352s, this DC
offset could drift in and out of perfect balance. When out of balance the
sound would not be to spec., especially noticeable in the bass region
performance. The "fix" was to add a high speed servo circuit that always
keeps the DC offset at zero. In point of fact, all C352's sold to the
public include this circuit."

Hope it clears things out...
So, I'm going to buy dark grey C-352, as all my other units are black.


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