Don't Laugh...What receiver would best match with Polk's???


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I was wondering if which reciever you would consider with this my setup. Would like to buy the HK if it is THAT much bettter. collegee student on a budget, but REALLY hate buying receivers all the time.

Onkyo 701 = $480
Onkyo 801 = $530
HK 7200 = $830

Here is my setup:
Fronts: Polk R50 _0&oid=51513&catoid=-8023

Back: Polk Rti4 _0&oid=80177&catoid=-8023

Center: Infinity Entra 2

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Don't apologize for owning Polk. They are not bad speakers. The R50s for $4-500 are not a bad buy. Granted, they are not the greatest speaker in the world, but for the price they are good speakers. They are said to go nicely with the HK.

Chris Vu
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I got my Polk R50's for $180 a pair brand new from Circuit City. IF anyone is interested on how I got them email me at

I was wondering if you guys think the HK 7200 is worth the extra money looking at these prices.

Onkyo 701 = $480
Onkyo 801 = $530
HK 7200 = $800

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It all sounds good to me man. The HK should be a great receiver from what I heard. I doesn't have a ton of features like the Yammy 1400 but you get a lot of power.

I am a big Infinity fan but I think you could do much better then that center channel, plus I think you should stick with a Polk for a center channel. Center channels reproduce about 50% of what you hear while watching a movie. A center channel could make or brake a HT.

I recomend this polk center. 80179

BTW, why do we have to e-mail you to find out how you got a deal on your speakers?

Anyways, let us know what you do.

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The HK 325 or 525 is a nice receiver---for less money.

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I would also say you should change to a Polk center and then go for a receiver. The H/K 7200 is by far the best on your list but the others are also very nice. Depending on your budget first choice is new center and 7200, then either a H/K 525 or new H/K model, folowed by the Onkyo's. All will sound fine but the 7200 is a real powerhouse and the best buy in receievers right now. Just make sure the H/K's have enough inputs for your needs as they are pretty skimpy.

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Thanks everyone for all your expertise. Much appreciated.

I didn't really want to explain the whole process on the message board and clutter up my question.

Here's how you do it:

Fry's sometimes has the R50's for sale for $200 a pair, but they can be crappy because Fry's deals with a lot of used/refurbished junk (there return policy is VERY relaxed) and they sometimes only come in Cherry Vinyl. Just simply take the ad to Circuit City and have them "Price Match" the speakers. Circuit City

I've seen the ad for the R50's for $200 a pair and the POlk RTi 100 for $350 a pair about 2 times in the past 6 months. if you want me to keep an eye out for any of you, send me an email and I'll let you know

Hope this helps and thanks again for everyones input

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Did you guys recommend the Polk center because it's important to make all of the speakers the same brand, or because my center channel is bad?

I use my system for 90% music, 10% movies so is the center channel still as important?

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These guys are right on Q with the information they gave U, and it's definitely important to keep the same tamber across the front soundstage so it'll sound smooth and seamless. In my opinion the center channel is the most important speaker in a home theater ,because it's gonna handle roughly about 50% of everything, most importantly dialog.
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