Help!...volume knob problem with pioneer amp


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I was hoping someone here could help me out. I bought an old Pioneer SA-6500 amp to use with a turntable. It sounds great...the problem is that intermittently the volume would cut out or i'd lose the left or right speaker. I'd have to turn the volume knob a bit and would get both speakers back but after a while the problem comes back. Also, when i turn the knob there is a little bit of a crackling sound. I tried opening it and cleaned with contact cleaner but no change. I'm a rookie audiophile and am desperate for help...any assistance you can give would be much appreciated!

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Try rotating the knob back and forth for a long time. Sometimes this helps for a little while. If the oxidation is real bad in the potentiometer(volume control), you will need repair service.

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Go to an electronics supply house, or Radio Shack, and buy a can of spray type contact/tuner cleaner. With the unit unplugged, spray a good amount into the back of the volume control behind the front panel of the amp. Enough to let it drip out. If the control is sealed, look for any openings in the can where you can spray the cleaner. When the control is wet, rotate the knob back and forth about 50 times. Repeat this action. Turn the unit on and check for function. Old volume controls get dirty and need periodic service. Often, as the amp ages, this will not solve a problem for more than a short time. At that point it is time for a replacement control. You can have someone do this for you or you can call a company such as PartsConnexion. You will need to know the resistance of the stock control, usually marked on the back of the control. Changing out the control now can actually improve the sound of the amplifier.


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Thanks, guys! Your suggestions are a big help! I'm glad I found this board! :-)
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