PLEASE: Last post: long discussion, subjective answers, what to finally buy


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OK. Have narrowed my search down to, oh , a half dozen variations. All systems are receiver or separates, 5.1 systems. PLEASE vote on your favorite of the group, and why. Key notes:

Room is 60x35x13 with some offsets for a total cubic footage of 25,000.

Have a wife and 5 month old daughter, so rocking out is not a priotity (much more concerned with quality in the 1/3 of space devoted to home entertainment).

Price is, of course, a consideration. Losing 10% of spec performance for 50% reduction in cost is OK. Better yet, if some of those components make it to the next upgrade.

Now, feel free to weigh in with fact, speculation, answers off the beaten path. Here is my short list of "packages":

Arcam AVR300
Totam Forest
Mite T-C x3
Total cost: $11,000

Arcam AVR300
B&W Nautilus
Total: $10,600

Arcam AVR300
Audio Physic New Tempo
James Cinema Subwoofer
Total: $9489

Adcom GFA-7805
Adcom GTP880 (used)
Sonus Faber GrandPiano
Sonus Surround
Sonus Solo
REL 401E
Total: $11,804

Outlaw 950/770
Axiom M80i
Epi 500
Total: $5710

Arcam AVR3000
Anthony Gallo Reference 3
Rel 401E
Total: $8000

Arcam Av8/P7
Focal-JML Chorus S 726S
F-JML 707S
Rel 401E
Total: $14192

Mixing and matching is fine, if you think another combination. Ancillarly notes: think I like more warmth than brightness, listen to classical, latin, brit-pop of '80s - today, fairly wide ranging. Music/threatre is 60/40.



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Personally I like the first one - with a modification. I'd change out the Mite T-C's and go with a more powerful centre (Model 1 Signature Centre)... as that is most important for movie watching. You could then go with a pair of Lynx surrounds - or even a pair of Rainmakers, if you wanted an "off the wall" type speaker.

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How many of these polls do you have going? I still ike the Sonus Faber combo, although I would probably use the Arcam.

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You should find a dealer who will play the variations for you to be able to make an informed decision!


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I wasn't sure there was cross-over between forums so posted in both.

Re: dealer, I've listened to about half the versions but it's hard to figure out how different compnents, not stocked by the same dealer, sound together, @ home versus a particular showroom, and online-only. Hence the request for advice ...
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