Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX - Polks, BAs or B&W??


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I just purchased this receiver. For 7.1 speaker set-up in 210 square foot room (mostly for movies) - what speakers match best? Trying to keep total speaker cost under $2K.

Many thanks - DaveK

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All three of the speaker brands you mentioned are very good choice with your wonderful new Elite[good move] and I would add Monitor Audio to your list. I love my Elite/ MA system and take a look at the MA Silver series. I use the Silver 2 for mains, the Silver center and the Silver1 for surrounds. Very nice.

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This is just my opinion, but I would say with a receiver as an amplifier, you will get the most out of speakers with a nominal impedance of 6 or 8 ohms (as opposed to 4) and sensitivity that's 88db or more, specially if you plan to drive more than 2 speakers with the receiver. I seem to remember reading that the Polk Lsi, while an excellend speaker is 4 ohms, and not easiest load, but I could be wrong. Once you've narrowed down the list, check the specifications for impedance and sensitivity (the sensitivity is somewhat exaggerated by many manuf. so beware.)

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Thanks for your help guys.

Do you recommend keeping the sub within the same speaker family? I am told that either the Velodyne DLS3750 or Hsu Research VTF-2 MK 2 are both very good and would match up. Any thoughts there?


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No need to match the sub, no timbre matching there. Both those are awsome subs, also SVS makes some great subs, and carry cylinder subs which are really cool.

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I have the Polk LSi15's they are awesome, but being a 4 Ohm speaker my Amp The HK AVR 8000 gets smoking hot. If I were to do it again I would try to find something in the 8 ohm and 90db sensitivity. I would look at the Monitor Audio. I am setting up a 2 channel in a listening only room, I am going with the MA silver 2's, really nice sound.
Good Luck.

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i got pioneer elite 54 with B&W 603 602 AND 600 Centre just love the setup so have fun

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Thanks again for everyone's input.

I heeded Seth's advice and went with an 8 Ohm speaker deciding to purchase the Boston Acoustic CR77's with the CRC7 center. Instead of going with the Velodyne or Hsu Research sub, I really liked the sound of the B&W ASW600 sub and purchased that too. I should have all set up in my new media room by Turkey day so I will report back as to how this combination sounds in my home. If not - I can always return.

Happy Holidays All - -

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