DCM Speakers - any good?


Dark Star
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I currently own DCM's KX series II line of speakers, they play loud but aren't very accurate and the imaging sucks. Their newer models have glass fiber cones and soft dome tweeters so they sound good on paper, but unfortunately there are no stores in this area where I can go listen to them. So if anybody has listened to the following DCM models, please give me your review of them.

DCM26 (3-way towers)
DCM16S (bookshelf)
DCM16C (center)

Justin Wyatt
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I don't own any of the speakers you wish to hear, but I DO own the KX-12 speakers and you are sadl mistaken about them. The bass is the best of any speaker I have ever headr. ALL of my friends with their multiple sets of 12 and 10 inch woofers are VERY jealous. The sound is clear and crisp and they quitesimply will blow your mind away. I'm not sure WHICH KX series speakers you have (I have heard that the 8 and lower have bad sound) but the KX-12 speakers are better than ant BOSE speaker I have ever heard. Also, the KX-12 speakers are paper as well so they don't sound tinny.

I'll make no bones about who I am here. I do run a small audio/video store in a small town and have sold DCM speakers in the past. I carried all of the speakers you have asked for a review on. Please note I said carried! The DCM line is a budget line of speakers with a real great 10 year replacement driver warranty. With out getting into to much detail, the entire line (at least to my ear) is heavy on the bass end and lacks detail and imaging. I find the low end to be muddy and without to much definition on all of the models you have mentioned. But if you like a lot of bass these are for you! If these are the speakers in your price range you may want to check out a better budget line like the JBL Northridge series model 20's, 30's and 50's or if you can spend a little more NHT has a great line of smooth sounding speakers with a warm sound and very good detail and imaging. They like to see some POWER however and start at about $300 for the SB1 and go from there. If "size matters" don't look at them, they are small but deliver nice sound for a small box. The addition of a sub would be a good idea here. Please remember that some speakers will sound louder with the same wattage input and a louder speaker will sound better to your ears than one that is playing at less volume. Be sure to make a note of that in your auditioning. All in all I think that you can do better by looking at other brands in you range and don't go crazy looking for the DCM's to hear unless the occasion arises.
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