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When buying a CD player, does it matter much how good the quality of the output is when you are going to use an optical cable? I don't know much about CD players and sending the signal to the receiver so I'm trying to learn a bit. Would it make sense for me to go out and buy a high end CD player from Denon if I'm going to just use the optical cable? Do they send the signal differently if you use digital optical?

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Usually, you would want to use a quality cd player because it would do a better job in converting the digital signal to analog rather than a receiver. So with a quality CD player, I would definitely use the Analog outs.

If I have a cheap DVD player that I will connect to an expensive receiver, I would most probably use the digital outputs so the digital-to-analog conversion will be done by the receiver.

In my experience, the quality of digital output is system dependent. If you have a quality setup (amp, pre-amp, wires, speakers, room), then you will get differences in sound even if you use the digital outputs. Research on "jitter" and you'll understand more.

Best way is to try before you buy.

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I agree with Myki. I must add that, though going through digital connection is the choice when getting cheap player with quality reciever/amp, I would be careful with how "cheap" to go with the player.

I've noticed that some DVD players ($40) I've used do sound different even with digital connections to the same receiver.... so at least get a reliable brand name, I suppose.

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Cool, thanks. So if I bought an Onkyo DX-C390 cd player and used it with my current Onkyo HT-S770 surround system, which would you use? The optical or the standard coax/rca interconnects?

Also, the Onkyo CD player has 128x oversampling and I was reading a thread in here stating that it doesn't really help all that much for listening to music but what about when you have an mp3? I'm hoping to use this for my mp3 CDs as well. I have a portable that I use in the gym and have put a few of my collections of various artists in mp3 format to CD. (All my U2 CDs fit onto one mp3 CD) Will this 128x oversampling help with my mp3 playback?

Thanks again for you help and knowledge.
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