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After purchasing this receiver, I've run into a problem that I can't seem to reseolve. When I connect my DVD player using a digital connection (optical or coaxial, I've tried both)the audio output is SIGNIFICANTLY less than that of the regular analog connection. In fact, I need to turn up the volume almost to the max before I get any sound at all (there is no distortion, just really low sound levels). I've contacted the manufacturer of the DVD player (Toshiba) and the settings of the DVD player are where they recommend. Attempts to get hold of Denon have been frustrating at best. I suspect is a setting within the receiver, but can't figure out what that might be. Has anyone come across this problem before? Any help is much appreciated!

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I just purchased the Denon 1804 with my Energy Encores. I love my speakers but that damm receiver does not do the speakers justice. I do not have the problem that you have at all. My DVD player plays & audios out fine through the receiver. The problem that I have is that I believe that receiver is too weak. The sound is way to warn for my taste. I'am going probably with that Yamaha 1400, only because I want a crisp sound. Either you have a defective Receiver or DVD player, does your sound work fine when you are listening to music from your receiver. that would narrow your problem down a bit

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I just purchase the Denon 1604 (one step below yours). It provides excellent sound through the optical digital connector.

Here is a (partial) list of potential problems:

DVD Player is not set-up to provide sound through the optical connector. Go to DVD Player setup and turn this on.

DVD Player is not playing a Dolby Digital, or DTS sound source. When you put in a DVD to play, be sure it's a DVD that has a Dolby Digtital or DTS (better) soundtrack. Then, go to the audio options of the DVD and select one or the other. Then try playing the movie, or chapter in a movie (sometimes the menu of the movie will be silent, but when you get into the movie itself, there should be sound).

You have to tell the Denon that you have an optical or digital coax connection hooked up, and to use that connection when playing DD or DTS movies.

You have a bad optical/digital coax cable.

The place where you bought the receiver from may have other suggestions. You might want to go by their place and see how they have theirs hooked up in order to give you more ideas.

Good luck.
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