NAD T752: can't select EARS, Enhanced Stereo modes


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I added a center channel speaker to my 752 over the weekend (previously just had 2 mains), and have begun playing around with various surround modes. So far it sounds great, but I'm mildly baffled by one thing:

When I cycle through the various surround modes, EARS and Enhanced Stereo don't appear... Has this happened to anyone else? I realize I'm probably missing something terribly obvious, but for the moment I'm at a loss.


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Username: Willsf

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(FYI - I've tried this with both analogue and digital (stereo) inputs)

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You may want to check the manual's description of these surround modes. They may require a 5.1 set up. I recall that the enhanced stereo boosts some of the speaker's gains although I don't remember which ones. Also, I once made the mistake of turning on the B speakers and then I couldn't get any of the surround modes. I would guess that this problem is simply a set up problem.

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If you have not selected any surround speakers then EARS and Enhanced Stereo will not appear when cycling through the surround options.

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Jonathan/TCSmith - thanks.

OK this makes sense... As Prologic and DTS Neo:6 are available w/ just 3 channels configured, I assumed EARS would be too, and the manual is unclear on this. Thanks for clearing it up.

This is just another reason to add surrounds sooner rather than later... :-)

Thanks again!

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Have you tried changing the setup from 7.1/0 to 5.1/2 in the OSD? When i have mine set at 7.1/0 I can access the Neo:6 but not EARS, but when i switch to 5.1/2 then Neo:6 is gone, but EARS is there. But I do have surround speakers so that may be your problem as well
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