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I'm writing from Egypt. I read some of articles they're great, but too difficult & technical for me. I want to upgrade my hi fi system, currently it's a Sony CDP 308 ESD CD player, Sansui AU-X 301i Integrated Amp,[a 10 year old system] & Tannoy S8 DUAL CONC. I can't buy a new amp these days. A friend gave me a Pioneer A-400X, a used one of course, which I read some encouraging & some otherwise reviews. The problem is the Sansui has tone controls which I'm used to, making sound on the bright side, the Pioneer is naturally tuned, professional as this might seem, it's strange to me. But to tell the truth I want to be more professional, as I listen to virtually all types of classical music, but still can't get used to the sound, lovely as it is. Another friend is offering me a pre+power. The power, is the one available now, which is a Yamaha, but don't know it's specifications, & the pre is the Sony T 80. I was advised by the manufacturers of Tannoy to use a pre+power claiming the Tannoy Saturn needs a lot of power. Everything lies in the cost, taking in consideration speaker cables. Money doesn't come easy to spend. I really don't know where to go for advice. Where can I find an evaluation of my old system and technical help suggestions?

Try Stereo411.com, and post your inquiry. Also is stereophile.com, audioasylum.com.

You can chat live at www.audioasylum.com and ask questions.
You might want to upgrade the source - your cd player to sony dvpns-500v ($169 at www.plazmaplus.com) - hopefully they will ship one over there. You have good speakers for classical music - I love classical music as well. You might want to try the yamaha amp at home and see if that makes a difference. If it is a upscale yamaha, than it might.
Try reading reviews on www.hifichoice.com, and buying used stuff on www.ebay.com or www.audiogon.com
NAD makes good amps. Rotel, creek, cambridge audio, and yamaha m-series, and onkyo 8511 receivers are good stuff.
Cables do make a difference. Read the reviews on www.audioreview.com, and you should be able to have sellers send you there since they are light.
With research and experimenting, you can get satisfying sounds for under $1000 since you already have nice speakers.
I would upgrade your cd first and see if that makes a difference.
And listen with speaker cover off for better sounds.
Speaker placement is also a factor. You might want to build a stand if you are handy with wood-work.
Email me with questions and I will tell you what I know, although I too am just getting into it myself.
You can post your system on www.audiogon.com and you will get recommendations on improving it - good luck, it's not easy to match components on a budget, but can be done !

www.hifichoice.co.uk instead of www.hifichoice.com

A better CD player for more money can be found at (www.upscaleaudio.com) ($500)
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