Missing channel on old Technics SL-D303


Wayne Steinhour
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I recently picked up a nice old SL-D303 along with some other stereo equipment at an auction. One channel on the turntable does not work at all. (If the ground is diconnected, this channel puts out a loud humm, but this goes away when it is grounded.) Is this likely to be a cartridge problem or is there some other explanation?

Thanks in advance for help on this.

If your cartridge is removable ,remove it and clean the 4 contacts on the back with contact cleaner or pure alcohol,i had similar problem with an other Techcnics model.

I am having the exact same problem with an SL-D303 I was recently given. I only had sound on the left channel. I ordered a new stylus, and a new cartridge, and neither solved the problem.

I just cleaned all the contacts with rubbing alcohol. Still no luck. But I notice that the wires connecting the headshell to the cartridge are loose. After changing cartridges a couple times, and disconnecting and reconnecting the wires, I found that I was getting sound on the right channel, and not the left.

I think the headshell wires must be the problem, in my case. I am ordering a new headshell.

I am a turntable novice, but it seems to me like very bad engineering to have a $10 part be such a weak link. And it sucks to discover this after spending $150 unnecessarilty. (But I guess in this day and age, being a vinyl enthusiast is not about logic or practicality...)

Further update: It wasn't the headshell either! It was the amplifier. :-(

Now I need to find a new amp with a phono input.
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