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This is my first post, however I have been a
lurker on ecoustics for the past few months. What
a great source of knowledge! This post is just to
thank every one who helped me in choosing my
home theater system.

Here is what I had:
Onkyo T-575 Receiver
Onkyo DVD 5 disc changer
NHT Super zeros (5) + NHT subwoofer.

Then the bug to upgrade bit me. So after careful
review of forum topics and listening to
what little I could find. Here is what I
have ended up with:
0. Acoustic Research Speakers for LCR. Very
sensitive, good low end. Will get upgraded
next year.
1. NAD S250 (Yet to hook it up)
2. Marantz S4400 (Want to use this as a preamp
for the NAD). Standalone it is far superior to
my previous receiver. This is an incredible deal.
I bought this from Cambridge Soundworks and when
I replaced my receiver I could not believe how
"CLEAN" it sounded. There is no hiss or hum or
anything else. (This was a total shock to me).
Because of the lack of noise , I never felt
tired of listening or was afraid of raising the
We saw "last samurai" and again it shocked me
by the total absence of any noise in the quiet
passages. Boy, what a receiver!!!
I have put in a few opera CDs, Jazz CDs and the
sound is very FULL.
One of my favorite tests is to listen to a piano
on a receiver/speaker combo specially in the
high notes. It should sound solid like a piano
and not like the pluck of a guitar string.
This one aces the test. It sounds like
there is a real piano in the room. Just
It runs cool! My Onkyo used to real warm up the
little TV stand. So much so that I used to
always keep it off!

What I would have loved to have in this receiver
is the NetTune feature that Onkyo801 has but the
sound quality more than makes up for it. It does
one thing and does it well!!

4. Then I got my DVD/CD player. Cambridge Audio
540D. This blew the socks off! Mind you it is
not broken in yet, but the opera CD brings the
whole house down. When people clap at the end
of the performance I can hear every one of them.
It no longer sounds like a big blob of sound.
(I have added that to my list of tests).
The one thing missing from this DVD player is
the SACD support!!! Being a die hard Pink Floyd
fan I would have loved to be able to listen to
DSOTM SACD, but I just could not find a good
player in this price range, which would do
justice to my CD collection.
The other thing that I still can't get to work
is to use the remote that came with my receiver
and control the DVD player with it. I don't
even know where to look for the code. If anybody
knows the code for Cambridge Audio DVD player,
can you please share it with me.

Anyways, the next thing I am going to do is to
connect the AMP. The challenge there is the
12V trigger. It took me a while to figure out
that I can connect a DC supply to the switched
out from my receiver and plug that into the
Amp. I am waiting for the DC supply and a cooling
fan (just in case!!!).

If you notice that I have done things in stages.
So that I could see the improvement. If there
wasn't any, I would have backed the change out.

The cables:
- I have 14 gauge speaker wire.
- Interconnects so far are the cheapest I could
find anywhere. I haven't connected the AMP yet.
What I plan to do is to use the 3RCA interonnect.
Since the 3rd is meant for video and that is easy
to test with a TV. Usually all 3 are equally
thick. So I will use that. If the quality drops,
from my current setup, then I will consider
spending extra on interconnects. Otherwise, the
next stop is speakers next year.
- I use a surge protector from costco.

I have had a lot of fun so far and I have used
a lot of advise from this forum. Thanks a lot!
If you have any questions about my "current
state of upgrade" do let me know.


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