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this is my first post. i need your advice on a two channel stereo setup.

i am not satisfied with my current system, its performance is acceptable/decent for playing movie/DVD, but not very good for music. my usage is 75% music, 25% movie. for music playback, i use two channel stereo mode.

my current setup:
Onkyo DS-575 receiver (5 channels x 75 watts per channel)
2 front speakers: Acoustic Research PS-318 (200 watts max handling capacity)
center speaker: Acoustic Research (PS series, tonal matching with my front speakers)
yamaha 150 watt subwoofer (dual 6.5 woofer, 5 years old model).
consumer grade Toshiba DVD/CD player ($60 at Costco)

for music playback, it lacks the midrange bass. the high-range is acceptable.
the low frequency of the yamaha subwoofer doesn't blend very nice with the front speakers. what are the likely causes of this problem? receiver or front speakers or the sub?

i am thinking about buying a separate two channel stereo system for my bedroom; please advise me if the following thoughts are appropriate. My ultimate goal is very high quality sound for music with a budget in mind (under $1000 USD).
integrated amp: NAD C320BEE or the like (around $320 on the net)
bookshelf speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze B2 (around $300 on the net)
...and a cheap CD player to start with...

would this system significantly outperform my current system in term of music playback? i am looking for high quality reproduction of music, both in term of power and clarity.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade?

if there are similar products, please recommend.

also, where can i buy them online? i am living in San Diego, California.

thanks for your help.

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You might want to get a better CD player as well - some people think that's the most important piece. This one would do: 26%26

You need a 220 to 110 converter - and don't forget about the hefty shipping charge from China.

For under $400, you will be getting something that will better the present setup.

I like your choice of speaker - monitor audio. Do you have GoodGuys near where you live? They carry them. You can't get them on the web I am afraid.

The NAD bee is good too.

You are on the right track.

If you don't mind used, I would shop at You will end up with better sound for the money.

If you get an integrated amp like Puccini, you would have done better than the NAD.

You can get better speaker for more with Green Mountain Europa.

The Shanling CD player is still OK with this upgrade.

Good luck,
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