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i'm getting ready to upgrade to surround sound and would like to use my 2 existing speakers (polk audio sda 2a). they are 15+ years old but in great shape. they have the interconnect cable between the 2 speakers for "true stereo" that reportedly eliminates crosstalk distortion. i plan to match them up with newer polk surround and center speakers.

the room they will be in is a "great room" 16' by 19' with a high slanted cathedral-type ceiling, and it opens up into the kitchen and breakfast nook behind it. also, the fireplace is in the center of the facing wall where the stereo and center speaker would ideally be. so everything in the front will have to be skewed a little to the left of the fireplace.

i will use the system for movies and music, but mostly music (about 90/10). i don't listen at extreme levels but occasionally i crank it up a little. for music, should all 5 speakers be the same, rather than 2 smaller surround speakers in the rear?

(now, the receiver question) i'm very excited about the new sacd & dvd-a formats and plan to get a new receiver & universal player (i already have several discs but can't play them - getting itchy). i would like the receiver & player to match up with the polks and each other. i like what i've read about the denon avr-2805 & 3805, and dvd-2900, but have been told the polks and denon receiver are not a good match (too bright). what receiver ($800 or less) would match up with the polks? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I enjoy the Harman Kardon with my Polk speakers. I like the sound very warm.

My use is less music more movie though. The Logic 7 system is great for analog music, but haven't auditioned any DVD-A or SACD media on the reciever yet.

Depends on how you like your sound. Best thing to do is to take your two speakers you like right into some local stores and plug them into some different makes of receivers to find out what sounds best to you. Expand from there.

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H/K is fine as is the Elite vsx52 or 54 or the Marantz 5400 or 6400. All are very good matches with Polk. The Elite's can be had at at very low prices.
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