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It's seems like no one has much faith in trying out this new universal player by Onkyo...... I tried very hard to find any user reviews with not much luck.

To me it looks like another solidly built machine by Onkyo, and their reputation in good quality audio makes me think it might be a notch over the pioneer 578a in audio. Is it possible this player has a burr-brown DAC, just like its predecessor SP501?

I am very tempted to buy it and see how it is! OH, well, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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I've just bought one of these to replace my DVSP501 & its pretty awesome. A good upgrade all round with everything that was missing from the 501 (DVD-A/SACD/Progressive Scan) + a better performance all round. Only trouble is being in the UK where Multi-Regioning is important I was dissapointed to find it was locked in region 2. The 501 was multi-region out of the box. Guess I'll have to trawl the net for a hack.

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Did you find the hack NikBull? I'm in desperate need of one

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James, I found a review on another forum, hope this helps.
http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?s=4935dbef1d8efc5eaee7ad7132a15b38 &threadid=495424&highlight=ONKYO

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Hi James, recently I purchased an ONKYO DV SP 502 player.
It played ordinary CDs to my complete satisfaction. However, when playing SACDs ( which were connected via the 6 multi-channel analogue input cables)it would not deliver the same wide frequency range as for the CDs. There was a disappointing dropping off in bass frequencies.
No matter what I tried, I could not obtain the same wide range of sound with SACD playback.

Maybe I missed an obvious function to activate, but, in being so disappointed with the SACD playback I returned the player to the retailer who readily gave me a full refund stating that I was "expecting too much from the SACD side of the player", and that to achieve full range SACD sound I "would need to upgrade to an ONKYO DVD/SACD player costing 4 times the price tag of the 502".

You may obtain an entirely different result with your 502; if you do, please let me know.

Good luck!


"There was a disappointing dropping off in bass frequencies.
No matter what I tried, I could not obtain the same wide range of sound with SACD playback"

That's true indeed!
But there is no problem with the player!
The SACD recording is the one to blame in the beginning if you wanted to be right (the DACs don't really change).
But then you should listen more carefully...
Is the bass realy missing or was over-shown in CDs?
If you had made more extended listenings you should have seen that the full spectrum is there, but the whole tonal balance is much better, the bass is tight and realistic and not artificially boosted.
Try some classical music with cellos and real basses. Compare the CD and SACD layer. Then tell which is more real, not more loud!
You should have heard of course first some of these instruments in real life...

I think you've done wrong with the player...
I've heard twice the price CD players, and they were inferior in CD playback.
SACD is one step ahead. It's bad that there are
not enough titles...

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Maybe you could allow for the possibility of a defective unit or a poor design.

The comment of the salesman (expecting too much from SACD) is so typical and cheap. I hate salesman: leave me alone!

-- Kewl

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It happens to own the SP502 so I know exactly what James heard.
As for the salesmen I agree!
They want to sell you copper for gold.
The best way to tell if something is better and worths the extra money is A-B comparison,
always with a reference recording (that you are familiar with) with physical and not electronic instruments,
and singers (the most familiar sound to our ears is the human voice)!


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I actully sell Onkyo at my and my Pioneer in the last year i have so many people come back with problems with the Onkyo. I run the Pioneer 578a my self and love it

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In the Audio section of the Gramophone Magazine UK (http://www.gramophone.co.uk/ ) you will find two nice discussions on SACD Players and SACD/CD comparisons. Although its usually fans of classical music who visit there (membership is free) you will see that low overall sound volume - and perhaps bass- is due to the use of the surround system outlets prior sound quality confirmation. It should be better to test the sound coming out of the two CD audio outlets which now have decoded SACD signals going to them.

Again, people may be flogging hastily-crafted SACDs. The clasical SACDs from Mercury and RCA Living Stereo are supposed to give very good sound.

I am going in for a Marantz DV6500 but have been studying the scene previous thereto.

I will present my experience here after I get the set nest week.

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