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Just moved from old Lexicon DC-1 to NAD 773. Love the sound, absolutely love it. BUT: the reputedly greatest surround-sound-for-orchestral recordings, NAD's "EARS" seems unavailable for those like myself whose setup lacks a center channel.

In short: you can configure the doggone thing for "no center channel" but that configuration seems to eliminate the availability of EARS!

Does anyone know anything about this problem? My firmware version is 2.03. Will 2.05 solve the problem?

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Are you able to select Pro Logic II or DTS Neo 6, or is it just EARS? Do you have the other surround speakers? If you don't have any of the surround speakers nor the center, the EARS won't do you any good as it is a surround format.

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you are correct. EARS is disabled w/out a CC. at least on my v1.25 firmward 763 it is. i tried, but couldn't figure out a way to send the CC to the fronts either.

i like EARS, good for acoustic/classical with nice, soft echo/reverb-type effects. it's a little mellow, though, sometiems. Neo6 Music is my favorite.

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My 753 also disables EARS without center speaker. And I believe this applies to all T7*3s.

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Thanks for the comments. I've now taken the two rear channel speakers (configured as per the old Lexicon's original 6-channel suggestion) and moved one to the center, one to the back (to be set up as "rear L").

Ears sounds great so far!

I will be starting another thread regarding the firmware upgrade issue. (2.05 versus 2.03, etc.) Meanwhile thanks to everyone.
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