Pioneer VSX D411


Does anyone have any experience with a Pioneer A/V receiver VSX-D411?? I am considering buying one and the INFO is much appreciated. I have narrowed down my choices between the Pioneer and a Sony STR-DE485...............

Andrew K.
I have a Pioneer VSX-D510, which I expect is very similar to the D411. I'm very happy with it. I have to include the disclaimer that it's the first A/V receiver I've owned. But I've never once said to myself "gee, I wish I'd spent more and got a ____..." Despite what you may have read in some reviews, set-up is easy. I use mine for both DVD and music. For music, I think it compares to anything I've owned past or present.

I'm not familiar with the Sony model you're looking into. However, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you go with the Pioneer.

john smith
Anonymous, I actually narrowed my selection down between the Pioneer VXS-D411 for $159.99, Kenwood VR-605 for $189.99, and the Sony STR-DE485 for $189.99 on sale. I went with the Pioneer, first for the price, second for the power of 500 watts, and third, for the decoding. It has 4 decoders and is a complete powerhouse. Granted, this is my first receiver, but, after my research I found it to be one of the best things I actually could have boughten. You WILL NOT regret buying this. The only thing is it doesn't have THX decoding (duh), and that it doesn't weild component video, but that honestly doesn't matter in the first place. Good luck!

I just bought the pioneer VSX D411 today.
I hooked it up and am very pleased with it
so far. The remote is fairly straight forward
and the manual is also good. The sound field it gives you is great. There is virtually no hiss
from any channel and the sound track detail seems
great to me. I have owned this reciever for only
a day but am very pleased so far. For $200.00
and 100 watts per channel, I feel this unit is
a great buy.

Can I use a non-powered subwoofer with the VSX-D411?

Thanks Ernie

my pioneer VSX-D411 cuts out with an overload when its on -36 or sometimes -26. I find this to be a problem and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem

I bought a pioneer VSX-D411 last Semptember. I love this receiver but I have the same problem. I was wondering if anyone one else know whats wrong

i have had the "overload" occurance myself. i have this narrowed down to a couple of things, because it does this in a (seemingly) random manner. i believe it's one of the following a.) keep in mind we're talking about 100 watts here folks. while speakers may or may not be rated on a completely accurate scale, most home receivers are. so just because a speaker might say "100 watts max.) does not necessarily mean that's what it can handle. if the receiver senses a white-hot voice-coil on one of your speakers, the overload circuit will probably activate as a result, thus saving your speaker(s) from a blow-out. b.) obviously, yer amp might be getting overheated. make sure not to leave it on for hours at a time and then expect it to blast at 100 decibels for two more hours. frankly it will not allow it's amp to be blown up. also, check the ohm ratings on all your speakers. anything under 8 ohms (even though the manual says 6) could cause unstable operation, resulting in possible circuit overload. as a precaution, i have a small fan plugged into the back switched lead of the receiver, situated at the front-right of the front panel, blowing right onto the amp. this will help keep it cool, not to mention if it's powered by the switched lead it'll always be on when the receiver is on, automatically. make sure u don't have 50 things (especially with higher wattage consumptions) plugged into the same set of outlets as your receiver, because if u do, the receiver may not be getting enough current, resulting in the amp bottoming out and shutting off. and finally, the owner's manual wasn't lying guys, do not put things directly over the cooling vents, like other components, tempting as that may be. would u put a full-sized EQ directly on top of yer car amp and then blast eminem as loud as u could stand? probably not. those are just some suggestions...and ernie u may not ever read this, but i'll answer yer question. yes u can. i have an RF 10" sub in a home-speaker box linked to my center speaker, and it sounds wonderful, especially if u don't like the thought of overloading your powered sub. u get better bass dispersion using a passive sub in conjunction with a powered one. i'd only recommend doing this with your center channel though, since having it on or near yer FR/FL/RL/RR may make the bass it produces sound unnatural, depending on where yer powered sub is.and one last thing, if u do use a car-based sub in a home set-up, u MUST (i repeat MUST) use some sort of fan to cool your amp, because a car sub will heat your amp up fast, guaranteed. oh yeah, and also try to keep your display dimmed as much as u can. less power used for the display = more power for your processor and/or amplifier. well i hope this helps guys, later.

sorry for writing an essay back there btw lol but diagnosing this crap can be a series of several steps. have fun. :)
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