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We just got a new Denon 2803 matched with Denon dvd -910 which we are using with Bose 300 rear speakers. Any ideas for 2 towers and a centre channel speaker to match . Cost less than $2500

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hello anon.
pretty bold move to say that you're using Bose speakers on here... do you already have a sub? How big is your room? Do you listen to music or watch movies more? I used to have Bose myself.... but I recently upgraded. You have a lot of options for 2500 bucks.

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You can do better than to match Bose speakers for that money. You can still use the Bose for the rears since not much there anyway. You are in for a pleasant surprise when you get your new speakers - if you choose wisely.

Something like these will be an improvement.





Before pulling the trigger, I would go slow and read Hifi magazine sights like www.hifichoice.co.uk and www.audioreview.com
and visit a few hifi specialty shops to hear many speakers first.

As you know, take what a salesman saids with a grain of salt. You can chat alive at www.audioasylum.com and ask questions for more advices.

There is a world of good sounds to discover - much better than Bose.


Thanks for the help so far. I had the NHT Super two towers and a center channel, but they got ripped off and are now discontinued. They seemed to be a good match for the Bose although I'm only using the Bose cause I have them and the room is at least 15x15 unfortunately with lots of glass window surfaces. We use the system mostly for movies.

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Hit the send button too soon. I was looking at the NTS ST4's with a sc 2 centre channel on line as possible replacements. Any one tried this in a similar situation?

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I have spent a lot of time evaluating the NHT ST-4s and I would recommend them without the slightest hesitation. They are one of the finest towers I have ever heard for under $1K. I have not heard them with the Denon, but I would think they should work fine.
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