Hi Everyone uhm I Have A "ONKYO TX-SV727" [Audio/Video/ Control Tuner Amplifier] Unfortianitly after getting the right typ of Fuses for the "ONKYO TX-SV727" I "Cant Do AnyThing" because the system "ONKYO TX-SV727" is on "protect" it says it on the Screen after i turn it on....is it possible i can "unlock' it without using a remote??..if anyone knows plsz help me..I would apreciate it Details : ..it as given to me by my Aunt and she doesnt have the remote..been in basement fo a couple of years..other sights didnt help me at all.... Not that any of u care about my personal infor of the sytem bt i do lol plsz help if any one Knows...Thankyou Till Next Time [ Kenneth Justen Corpening ]

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not sure about onkyos in particular, but most systems should reset on their own when you turn it off then back on, assuming everything else is in good shape. if you blew fuses, you may have a short somewhere, so have a good look at (especially) the high-power output side inside and outside the case, and the circuit boards and components for any burnt areas or crossed/messed-up wires/connections.

If you still don't find anything, take it to an electronic specialist shop, you can usually find one nearby, and the small shops wont charge much to look at it or fix it for you.

good luck!

or e-mail Onkyo and ask them the same question. They should have a support organisation.
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