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Hello there...I've done some reading about headphone amps, but most of them seem to be for actual musicians. All I'm looking for is something simple to beef up the power of my portable CD player, and perhaps to get better sound out of my Pioneer receiver's headphone jack. I've used AKG 240M headphones for over 10 years now, and I'm well aware of their isane 600 ohm resistance. I don't have trouble using them with my receiver, but I can max out the volume of my portable player and still not hurt my ears.

Anyway, headphone amps seem to cost as much as a normal stereo receiver (I saw a Grado headphone amp for about $600!), so I don't know if it would be worth it. Does the sound quality increase THAT much? If nothing else, I could always get the AKG 240S headphones, which have just 50 ohm resistance. I just don't which would make the bigger difference: a nice headphone amp or some really, really nice headphones (i.e. Grado RS-1, which I couldn't afford anyway).

Thank you!

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