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Just got my Rotel 1056. I have questions about DVD hook up. Previously my DVD component video went straight from the DVD player to the TV. I split the analog audio outputs so that one went staight to the TV (wife could easily watch a DVD) and one went to my old 2 channel receiver (I could have bigger sound when I wanted it).

Now I'm planning to do the same with the component video. The instructions seem to indicate a preference for running the component video through the reciever. That would make it easier for some things, but my wife would prefer the option of a straight connection to the TV. In order to use the on screen programming on the Rotel I'd run a composite video or s-video cable from the reciever to the TV.

Audio wise I was going to run a digital optical cable from the DVD to the receiver - theoretically this should be the best connection (right?). I'd also run stereo analog RCA cables directly between the DVD and TV to provide audio when my wife bypasses the Rotel.

Is this logic flawed? Please let me know if you have a better plan or I'm missing something.

Would this be better posted in the Home Theater board?



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I always suggest that it's best and easiest to use whichever digital connection a receivers dvd input defaults to. If it's optical use optical,coax use coax. That avoids reconfiguring your input settings and sonically both are the same. I do not understand why you or your wife would ever watch a dvd without utilizing the Rotel and your HT system. Just hook up the digital cable and be done with it.

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Thanks. I understand that this in some ways is needlessly complicating things. It's purely a matter of WAF. You and I know that turning on the receiver and selecting DVD is not that complicated. But the first time she has trouble I'll have to listen to a lengthy(and, I must confess, not entirely illogical) narrative about how I've spent thousands of $$ on audio equipment which is more difficult for her to enjoy than the cheap system we had before. One promise I made early on was that I could hook things up so that she could easily watch a DVD like before. Once we're rolling and she gets a chance to see it's not really that complicated perhaps we'll reconfigure. Unless there's a problem with starting out this way I'm hoping it will make things easier.

Thanks again

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