Single subwoofer that does both music and Home Theater well?


Tim Davis
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For what I've read and heard, it appears sealed subs tend to sound more musical while ported subs are better for the deep lows in HT soundtracks. Is this generalization accurate?

Have you found any single powered subwoofer that provides superior performance for both music and home theater?

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A ported sub doesn't mean the sound is colored at all. The sub's box needs to be built strong with bracing. Alot of sealed subs can color the sound because of cheap boxes.

Also, your statment is backwards. A sealed sub will "normally" have lower bass then the ported sub. A ported sub design is made to play louder with the same driver as a seal sub.

One is not better then the other if built well, just listen to the subs and decide what is best for you. If you click on the link below, you will see what I was talking about when I said build quality and bracing. For $387 I couldn't be any happer with a sub!!!:-)

Also, don't mind my website. I just started building it so I have a lot to go. Also, you can make fun of my art if you want.

I have read a bunch of reviews and seen a ton of recomidations for SVS and HSU subs. From what I have seen, both companies only make ported subs. From everything I have read, you might want a SVS sub. They play loud and go very low.

I myself don't have either sub, I have a Infinity IL120S and I love it.

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If you want a sub for music. Nothing can touch a REL sub. ITs the best Ive heard. Depth is its character. Whatever fronts you are using its going to sound much better paired with a REL Sub
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