NAD S250 vs. Rotel RMB 1075


cira g.
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both are rated to 120/125wpc all 5 channels driven continuously...although, rotel has lower distortion rates .05 vs .03...

plan to buy speakers w/in a year and they'll more than likely be either a paradigm studio 60 system or a monitor audio s8 system (each system w/their respective centers and bookshelf surrounds -- less interested in bi/di polar).

lets hear it folks: pros and cons of each...


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I really cannot comment on the sonic signature of either amp.... But the silver series of nad is recognized to be quite good... I also know that saturday audio is selling the s250 brand new for $999... that my friend is a fantastic deal on what is said to be a fantastic amp...

cira g.
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that, my friend, is precisely why i'm trying to get a comparison of the two....they're roughly the same price, momentarily at least.......


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ok slick, why don't you call up a few dealers and get their opinions?

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I have compared both amps, but not at the same store, so I did not have the benefit of a back to back comparison. However, to my ears, the amps sound very consistant with each brands general sonic identity. As I have both a Rotel and NAD receiver, I was very familiar with both sounds.

The Rotel is a little leaner and cooler sounding and a little less forward than the NAD. By contrast, the NAD is warmer, richer sounding in the bass, and a bit more forward than the Rotel. By forwardness, I mean the Rotel is like being in the 10th row of a great concert hall and the NAD puts you in the first or second row--each gives you great seats and it is really a question of how close do you want to be to the stage? These differences are small, but noticeable. I do not suggest one is better than the other as I have met many people who prefer the NAD sound for its warmth and richness and others who prefer the Rotel sound for its relative simplicity and cleanliness. Now, that is not to say the Rotel is capable of a cleaner sound or greater detail than the NAD, In that regard I find them equal. But to those who love the Rotel sound, I think they like the leaner sound which suggests to them a cleaner sound. As I said, I have both, and I like both very much. I think in many ways it comes down to what type of sound do you pesonally prefer.

I would suggest that the speaker system you choose may suggest one amp over the other, but I have not heard the MA speakers with either NAD or Rotel, so I can't help there (my local MA dealer uses a number of esoteric brands). I will say I find the Paradigm/NAD combo to be awesome, perhaps because it gives off a very rich sound, with tremendous detail. Nevertheless, all of your options are very fine products and I don't think you will go wrong with any of them or any combination.

I hope this is of some help to you--good luck!

cira g.
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id: not trying to be facetious, just replying to your friendly post...i know saturday's got the nad for sale, that's why i'm comparing them, otherwise the nad would be way, way out of my pricerange.

hawk: thanks for the informative post, i had gathered a lot of your comments from previous posts by you and others.

i'm also interested in whether the nad amps experience similar qc issues as their receivers? hissing? other issues? saw the nad on sale at saturday and thought it too good to be true (for nad anyways) and i'm trying to justify the purchase vs. other value amps from rotel, outlaw, adcom, etc...

in my looking, really only saw these for the same cash. also, judging by comments made in other posts, it seems like the nad kinda came out as the clear winner in terms of sound/musicality.

i like the "front row" sound's where i want my system to be...

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hey guys this is the first amp i have ever hooked up and its a ALPHASONIK PMA 2300 and i need to know the best way to hook up powerer to it...what does it mean when it says hook up to car sterio auto antenna....and it says battery and it says ground...i need all that and how to hook up the fuse cuz on the amp diagram it says.....amp--------fuse------- battery and i really dont get it
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