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I just bought the new Klipsch Synergy set (2 F-3's, C-3, S-3) and the Yamaha 5790 receiver. I also bought the JBL E250P 12" sub. I'm in an apartment now but will soon move to a house and I will then set up my home theater system. I've read that this combo is a bit bright. Is that true? If so, is there anything I can do to optimize my sound?

I know there are better sets, but I got these at a great discount. I'm new into this world and I would appreciate any thoughts or comments on my first system (good or bad)!!

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I do not think Yamaha and Klipsch make for a good combination, especially over time as the Klipsch are very bright and give me listener fatigue very quickly no matter what receiver is driving them. That's just my ears mind you. I assume you listened to this combo in the store? If you liked it then that's all that matters. If you didn't, well that's another story. At least the Yamaha isn't nearly as bright as previous models, in fact the newer ones are not bright at all, just thin. I hope you like this system because that's the ultimate goal and it's a pain to return anything these days but if you are questioning your purchase then no discount is worth it.

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If you do find the combo a little bright or edgy when you move to your new house, you could try soft furnishings - rugs/carpet, drapes, soft sofa and cushions etc - to help tame the sound a little. Otherwise - if more cost efficient, sell/trade the receiver or speakers for a more suitable match. Good Luck.


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What exactly is bright,thin and what causes this?

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Is there a better receiver for those speakers that is less than $500 retail?

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Some receivers and speakers have unique sound traits and they are as suggested: bright, warm, thin, open and so on.

Bright - the sound more concentrated to the high end.

Warm - more concentrated to the lower end.

Thin - lacking a little in depth or dimension.

Open - more depth and clarity.

So for example if you have speakers that tend to be on the bright side, you're better matching them to H/K, Elite or Marantz. Auditioning several brands and researching will go a long way to achieving the most satisfactory sound for you.

These are my interpretations of terms and the meanings may differ a little from person to person and ear to ear. But you should get the idea. Naturally, most important is how you like the sound - not someone else.

Scroll down this thread to "Definitions and Description" where there is a lot of helpful info and a lot of silly stuff you can ignore if you wish :-)


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Hey vitocor,

How's the new Klipsch lineup? I hear this brings the Synergy line closer to the Reference line. Any comments on how they sound?


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I haven't received them yet. I had to special order the F3's b/c they were backordered. I liked the sound of this years better than last comparing in the store. I'll let you know more when I get them in and set up. Warning though...I won't be able to really play with them until I move out of the apartment.
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