My woes with Denon 2803


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I have the Energy Take 5.2 system with the subwoofer and for a receiver, I was using the JVC RX 6000 VBK for the last couple of months. Before the energy system, I had a JBL SCS135SI home cinema system with the same JVC amp and it sounded crappy. Then, I bought the energy take 5.2s and life was good. The sound was crisp and the imaging was better. i felt like i got a good deal for my money on the take system. My receiver - the JVC - wasn't upto snuff or so I thought - because going close to the speakers and putting my ear up to the grille, I could hear white noise and that was a reflection of a poor THD on the JVC. Besides, the JV did not have PL II. So, I upped and got me a Denon 2803. What a disappointment !! Tons of features and PL II. But the sound was a shrill whistle in my ear. I tried changing settings from PL II music to PL II cinema but the sound was still so bright, then I turned the cinema EQ on and the sound was muffled a bit, but it started to sound unreal. Short story - I am done with the Denon, and I am going back to the JVC unless there is an audiophile here that can help alleviate my woes. I am willing to spend more to buy into a better receiver, please suggest. I think I am now a believer in the oft repeated axiom that all speakers and receivers don't marry well and its not the impedance on the speakers or the power on the receiver that I am talking about. Somebody help before I go insane trying to figure this baby out !!!

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Let me add here that music is what I care about more than I would ever care about movie sounds. You listen to a movie only once and so its never easy to tell if you have a good setup; however, you already know what good music sounds like and you hear your favorite bands over and over - and to me, a good stereo recreation is an important benchmark. Just wanted to add this to help some good soul trying to help me.
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