Questions about NAD T753 and T763


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Hi all,

After doing quite a bit of research and listening, I've come to the conclusion I want one of these two receivers. Of course, I've also read a lot about the quality control issues in NAD receivers, so I want to be sure I go about making the purchase the right way. With this in mind, I have the following questions:

(1) I live in an appartment building; therefore, I would prefer to get the T753 as I don't need the extra power of the T763 (nor the very few options it offers over the T753). Is the sonic quality between the two receivers different in any way (other than the power of course)?

(2) I will go to a dealer and ask to listen to a demo unit. If the unit is without the hum/hiss defect, I will ask to buy that one. I'm not sure that the dealer will have a surround sound set up, so I can't be sure I will be able to test for the defect correctly. How else can I go about doing this? Can this be done via a head phone or via the LR speakers? Assuming the dealer has a surround set up, what exactly should I listen for in order to detect possible problems?

(3) According to NAD's website, both units have only one 7.1 analogue input "for DVD Audio". I assume this same input can be used for SACD? I will be connecting a Denon 2910 player to this unit and want to be sure I will be able to get SACD play back as this is one of my main interests.

(4) As I mentioned before, I am limited by the confines of my appartment building; thus I will be using bookshelf loudspeakers. I'm looking at the following models: NHT SB3, MA Silver S2, Boston Acoustics VRM 60/50, CMB 170. My first preference would be the NHT SB3; but I'm quite intrigued by the CMB 170s, not exactly because of their price point; but because a lot of people seem to think they reproduce sound in a more "real" and uncolored fashion than the more expensive models listed above. Does anyone have any opinions regarding how all these speakers and NAD would pair?



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From my short experience:
0) I would check if I'm getting a v2 unit, including PLIIx. Those are supposed to be "buggs out" units.
1) 763 is better sounding (almost equal 773)
2) See item 0 above and listen the unit at home ASAP. Exchange if needed.
3 e 4) Sorry, I don't know the 2910 and this speakers.
Hope you enjoy your equipment.


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I would disagree that the 763 sounds better than the 753. I think that both units sound wonderful and if there are any differences in sound quality, they would be very minimal. The only major differences would be at higher volumes when the extra power of the 763 would be an advantage. I have never done a side by side test of the two units, but I have listened to both separately and I could discern no sound quality degredation between the two. If you live in an apartment, I would think that the T753 would be the perfect choice.

As far as testing the unit at the dealer, I have heard from others that those units exhibiting the dreaded hiss also have this hiss while listening to the headphones, so you might want to try that.

Yes, the 7.1 Analog Input will work for SACD. That is how most SACD/DVD-A players are connected to receivers.

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(2) Yes the hiss can be heard with just LR speakers, and definitely with headphones. Do the headphone test, that will work even in noisier environments. It's easiest no notice when switching from -00dB (mute) to -74dB (lowest volume, no mute).

(3) Yes it works with everything, SACD, DVDA, DVDV, CD...

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1)"763 is better": may be because my opinion is based on a test with low efficiency speakers (88 db)
2) I think it is impossible to get a NAD 753/763 without headphones hiss, isn't it?

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Thanks all for your help.

As far as anyone knows, is there such a thing as a non-hissing, non-humming NAD receiver? It just seems that just about everyone that owns one of these has admitted to some level of hissing.

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Also, does anyone have an opinion about the possible speaker choice between NHT SB3, MA Silver S2, Boston Acoustics VRM 60/50, CMB 170?

Thanks again.

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I went back to my dealer and heard T753 and T763.IMO and to my ears 763 sounds a bit better. It has more punch and more detail than T753 maybe because of the extra power and torroidal X'former of the power supply which is more efficient, low losses and less exterior magnetic field.I used MA B2 what more if it were MA S2.

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1) The 763 will sound modestly better, IMO, but only because of the additional power. The tordial transformer is more efficient, thus suggesting a quieter electronics section, but that would be very slight improvment. Looking at the spec sheets, you will see that the pre-amp sections are identical, so only the amp section and power supply differ. More power usually does sound better, but given your location, I doubt you would notice. I will say my T753 has been a superb unit and I have been very happy with it.

2) As for speakers, I have heard them all and all I can do is rank them by my preference. First is the NHT SB-3, which is a wonderfully neutral speaker with great inner detail and surprising bass extension. Second, the MA S-2s, which are a little brighter sounding than the NHTs (which the NAD can comfortably deal with, unlike some other receivers), but which also provides stunning detail in such a small speaker. Not quite as much low end extension as the NHTs, but a bit more on the high end. Third, the Ascend CMB-170 is quite good, especially for the money, but does not have the detail and overall refinement of the NHTs or the MAs. No where near the fit and finish of the others speakers, either (clad in black vinyl), but a very warm , musical speaker that should be on anyone's shortlist who wants to keep their costs very low. Finally, the Boston VR-M60s. Also a good speaker, and my only criticism here is in relation to the other speakers. The cabinet is beautifully made, and it reproduces sound well, but I make it last because of the "Lynnfield" tweeter, which I find to be a bit overly bright. Now, it should be said that if you have a particularly dead room (carpeted floors, heavy drapes on the windows, tapestries on the walls, etc.), you may want a brighter speaker to overcome all of the sound absording materials in the room. But, if it is a normal room (carpeted floors, but hard wall surfaces), I think the Bostons are just a bit too bright for most people.

Now, I would recommend that after you get your receiver, you try each of these speakers out to see what you think about them in your apartment. Your tastes may be a bit different from mine, and you do not have a bad speaker on your list--they are all worthy of an audition, at least. So, since you have to live with them, get the ones you like the best. Good luck!

BTW, were't you killed in the 16th century by the Turks?

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Larz, thanks for your help. I'm hoping to be able to do the samething you did to see if I can hear a difference.

Hawk, yes that woud be me :-) Thanks for your very detailed response. I too believe the NHT SB-3 are superb; but it's very reassuring to hear the opinion of someone who obviously knows a lot about this subject. With the CMB-170, sometimes I get the sense people focus too much on their low cost when comparing this speaker to better speakers that are a few hundred dollars more expensive. My listening room will actually be my living room which is not dead at all as it has wooden floors only partially covered by a rug, and drapes only covering one wall. Therefore, I think I'll go with the SB-3, which along with the NAD will make for a very neutral sound I hope.

Again thanks all for your help.

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i bought the 753 and took it back for the 763.

musically, it's the same but i do think you notice/need the extra power with DVDs, which in my experience, seem to be recorded at much lower volumes. i found myself really pushing the 753 to hear clear dialog, etc. and the occasionaly boom/crash/etc. that is fun to really crank.

also, the 763 has a software upgrade path, which i thought was important given the rapid development of surround sound decoding schemes.

the price is significantly higher, but on a $/watt basis, the increase is consistent.

if you're like me, you'll have this receiver for 10+ years so if you're on the fence now, you'll probably be wishing you went for the extra juice for the next 10+ years as well.

i would (and did) drop the extra coin.

one man's opinion...
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